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Joined: 12/19/2013

Yesterday I go to a partie, fireman partie for celebrating the french revolution, insane, full on. Loud music and shit, guy trying to be players everywhere etc...

At some point I spot a HOT bitch grinding her friend who is less hot. Anyways she attract all the validation of the place like a Black Hole.

All guys play this shit weak as fuck. They are insensitive to this shit, in my mind it's like you have to hit her with a Rocket.

I go in straight serious:

What the fuck are you doing ?

It pull her out of her validation frame but then I fail to plow and I lost her in the crowd. I got a bit nervous while going at it, like performance anxiety.

Probably entitlement issue.

How do you play this shit with the REAL hot ones. I think it's more like RAW shock & Aw like manwhore say in the thread of Patrick and his actress.