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i am writing this post in response to archangel's request. in some sex related topic i wrote that i experienced 20 minutes of near orgasmic/orgasmic state thanks to techniques i learned from the book The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia & Douglas Abrams.

that's true but i also managed to achieve it for this long just once. however it's usually not hard to experience at least a few minutes of massive joy by using following techniques. word of caution though - someone said that the book is criticized by people who believe that it stores too much energy in your brain which is not healthy. i consider myself a novice when it comes to working with energy in your body so i am not able to comment on that. however the book does mention techniques to get the energy flowing around your whole body.

the role of inner game in brain orgasms

this technique might not be very useful if you suffer from ED/premature ejaculation type of problems. i do from time to time because of performance anxiety, i.e. when i am about to hook up with a girl from my social circle, and i care about my reputation too much.

when i managed to get those ~20 minutes, i was very content with my life. i was swimming on a regular basis for a year, and i was very happy with how my body looked. what also helped is that the girl came extremely fast the first time so i basically felt like a complete rockstar. i think that inner game is huge with this.

what you need to learn first

first thing you need to start doing is kegel's excercise that strengthens the pelvic floor. it helps you to be more in control of when you come, and if you don't take it too far you can even stop yourself from coming altogether. i think i practiced them three times a day with fifty reps every day for a few weeks.

another thing that is massive is correct breathing. you need to breathe deeply, through your nose, and into the belly. there are filters in your nose that make the air moist which is healthier.

you should cultivate self control during masturbation before you actually try this while fucking a woman. set aside fifteen to twenty minutes, get a lube, don't watch any porn, and don't try to imagine any sexual situations. you need to be fully focused on sensations in your body so you know when the traditional ejaculation type of orgasm is coming.

stop pleasuring yourself shortly before you're about to come, and allow few seconds to pass so your arousal cools down slightly. don't forget to breathe slowly, and deeply the whole time but especially when you're approaching an orgasm. you can also squeeze your PC muscle if you pushed yourself over the edge. sometimes it stops the semen, that is already on its way.

you can also try to squeeze the penis to reduce your arousal levels. here's what the book has to say about this technique: "Just place the first two fingers of either hand on the underside of your penis, place your thumb on the top, and squeeze. Some men also find that gripping their penis like the handlebar of a bicycle and pressing down on the tip or underside with their thumb helps them reduce their arousal. Although these techniques can be effective in solo practice, they are awkward when having intercourse because your must withdraw. To prepare for this situation, you can try using your mind to help squeeze the tip of your penis. Eventually, you will be able to squeeze the tip of your penis with just your mind and will avoid the clumsiness of having to use your hands."

the actual technique

and finally the most important part - moving the sexual energy from your penis to your head. what you need is to draw the energy from your penis, through your perineum, and up your spine. the book describes technique known as the cool draw. here it is:

"1. Touch or cup your testicles with one hand to warm them up until you feel a slight tingling or the first stirring of your sexual energy.

2. Inhale and gently pull up on the muscles around the testicles, the perineum, and the anus. As you inhale and pull your muscles up, imagine the you are sipping this sexual energy and drawing it from your testicles to your perineum and on to your anus and tailbone.

3. Exhale and relax your muscles, but keep your attention on your rising sexual energy.

4. Continue to inhale and pull up and then exhale and relax several more times until you can feel a warm or tingling sensation at your perineum. Once your are able to move this sexual energy, you can simply begin using the spine like a straw, sipping the energy from your testicles and perineum right up the entire length of your spine to the base of your skull. (Gently tucking your chin in will help the energy move from your spine into your head.) Do this for five to ten minutes or until you become aware of a light or tingling feeling in your head. With your mind, try to circle the energy in your head.

5. Finally, touch your tongue to the roof of you mouth half and inch behind your front teeth where the palate curves down (see figure 11). Your tongue works like a light switch that connects your font and back channels, allowing the energy to flow down the front of your body to your navel."

That tingling in your head is what you're shooting for. With some practice you'll be able to produce this feeling for extended periods of time, and use pretty much the same technique while you're having sex with a girl. Just don't forget to stop when you're approaching traditional orgasm. With practice you'll need extremely short amount of time to cool down or you'll be so in control that you'll be simply able to keep going while experiencing brain orgasms. that's exactly what happened when i had that 20 minutes long experience.

the book even addresses concern about leaving energy in the brain. here's what the authors had to say: "Remember to touch your tongue to your palate to allow this energy to come down through the Front Channel to the navel, where it can be safely stored. In the past, many teachers of Eastern sexuality taught students how to draw energy up to their brain without teaching them how to bring it back down again. This resulted in what has been call the Kundalini syndrome. The Taoists knew the THE MULTI-ORGASMIC MAN importance of completing the circle. Anytime you feel like you have too much energy, inhale to your abdomen, and as your exhale, bring the energy all the way down to your toes and the soles of your feet."

so this is a quick rundown of my experience, and the technique used. however i do highly recommend to read the book as there's a lot of interesting information. authors advise to ejaculate only every once in a few days/weeks so you actually get energized by sex. i do ignore this tip, you're usually fucking for quite a while, and it's extremely pleasurable... but when you postpone ejaculation for thirty minutes or more, you usually come like a boss. so i also enjoy the traditional happy ending.