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How Manwhore's Skype coaching has changed me for the better.

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So I had heard about Manwhore’s no bullshit style of coaching from a friend and had considered it but never got around to taking action. Fast forward a year or so later and I had just moved to Thailand for six months and was surrounded by beautiful sexually open minded submissive girls. The problem was I was feeling real dissatisfaction with my abilities meeting women. I felt like I had reached a plateau and I didn’t know what the next level was. To give you some perspective I was good at hooking up with cute girls in a low energy casual style through day game. It was clear to me that I was attracting my opposite in women, this tended to by pretty shy girls or hot low self-esteem girls. Despite working on myself for several years to develop confidence I still lacked masculine dominance and expressiveness in a big way. I realised I needed someone’s outside perspective on my life to help identify areas to work on.


Now approaching the end of the Skype coaching I can say that It was precisely what I needed. I definitely found that next level of game that I doubted existed. What I have found most empowering about the coaching and drills is that they change you on a deep internal level. In a sense you are changing things at a root level rather than on a superficial surface level. By starting to act with more masculine dominant behaviours I created a positive feedback loop from girls that started destroy old beliefs I had about myself. I’ve started to develop free flowing expressive behaviour that I thought was something I would never be able to do. I practice meditation daily so I resonated with the use of presence as a key part of acting in an unwavering powerful way with women. More than anything I’ve enjoyed going from a situation where game was a struggle of chasing women. To now feeling like there is hardly any effort because of my behaviours attract women. Of course I’ve also enjoyed hooking up with much more women!


I would whole heartedly recommend Manwhore’s skype coaching. If you really want to fine-tune your behaviours and mindsets in order to become a truly sexworthy guy then go for it.

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Thanks dude! I love seeing

Thanks dude! I love seeing your successes and personal shifts! 

In regards to your last statement, I really don't think there's an alternative. I've known guys who finally go through enough bootcamps to make the necessary shifts and changes and finally gain the right abilities, but I've known of many more that never made it.

And this is one area of life where mediocre doesn't quite cut it (even tho mediocre results are still quite beyond the scope of 80% of men). There's not much in this life that can compare to the amazing experiences you get from becoming a master with women. Fucking beautiful women is a slice of heaven on earth. But as its own pursuit of excellence it's pretty unparalleled as well. Nothing brings out a man's best like his honed and seasoned ability to give a woman his best. 


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