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If a bank account doesn't get touched for 10 years in Canada it gets sent to the bank of Canada and listed publically. In here are lost bank accounts of dead people, unclaimed insurance sums, cheques that never got cashed. An insurance company might not have to resend unclaimed cheques so the money just sits, they aren't responsible to contact the person again. The laws vary in every state, in some you have to be a private investigator or lawyer to charge finders fees.. In others you can charge 10-15% of the total. A guy on reddit said once he found the person, he lawyered up and sent them registered mail and gets his lawyer to contractually bind them to give you x% when they claim the money. 

I set the minimum balance to 10k and listed them by "last used" and ran a bunch of names through online obituaries/reverse directories. Got just two leads so far but the idea seems lucrative. I'm searching for more broad people databases. And I might start searching in the states though, apparently public information is easier to find