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I finally get my crazy bachelor phase - skype training with manwhore review

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I started contacting Jon a while ago after not really being satisfied with my progress. I took two hotseats in the last two years but besides seeing how instructors pull girls with different styles, I did not learn that much skill wise to be honest. I was in a longterm relationship for most of my twenties. Compared to my buddies I never really enjoyed a prolonged bachelor phase. 
The first session with Manwhore was slightly brain melting and I went out of it confused, couldn’t sleep that night after he opened my mind to the sort mistakes I was making and the mental model I had adopted over the years of following the hollywood romance narrative. I told myself to change now or never, listened to the audiobook religiously and went out three days that week. The first night I took a girl of her brother and pulled her for food and then took her home to listen to some tunes.  After making out with her she did not allow me to take off her clothes. Then the tiredness kicked in as it was early in the morning and I tell her to sleep on the couch. I go to bed and ten minutes later the door opens, she slides into my bed, starts fondling me and I direct her to give me a blowjob, I pass out afterwards. I sleep like a rock and wake up the next morning with her nowhere to be seen and found haha I had a serious what the fuck moment.  
I was reminded how I started in sales and being slightly naive about it as well. Only after proper coaching and applying myself vigorously I saw my results improve. I applied the same mindset with Manwhores training as well, fell in love with Eckhardt and my results went up like hell! 
I've had six girls while doing the coaching program, two of them were super hottie gym receptionist caliber and by a weird coincidence my landlady as well hahah. After doing all the drills and Jon continuously working on screwing the brakes off my engine and showing me my blind spots, I developed a more natural rhythm. I am now able to fully tap into my raw attraction for really hot girls when I see them without bitching out. I learned that I can act against my emotional pain points and I am still learning to accept them so they can dissolve. They still flare up once in a while when I am not mindful and let the chatterbox do its thing, but it's very rarely compared to before starting the training program. 
I also had this weird anxiety about talking to girls during the day but not so much at night. We worked on dissolving those strange barriers I put on myself as well, especially for social situations like at the library, the gym or a coffeeshop. Jon gave me a nice and sneaky way of number closing chicks in social situations so she knows what's up and I know what's up but everybody around us does not have a fucking clue what is actually being communicated, pretty awesome if you ask me. 
One of the biggest things I learned from training was how to use my mouthpiece effectively without choking up or freezing. Talking out of my ass and effectively telling girls to stop in order to talk to me became pretty fun and useful instead of being a chore I had to go through. This especially came in handy during a date with a chick who worked at the gym I go to. I went into a passionate diatribe about myofascial release, foam rolling and trigger points. I intertwined this with showing her physically what I am talking by massaging her tight spots till she started purring like a cat :D I took her home afterwards, told her to lie down so I can inspect her a bit more closely. She happily obliged and I quickly transitioned into a more intimate massage of her exquisite body followed by serious fuck-a-thon for the rest of the night :) I think it is still is pretty insane that this is possible for me now and I have to thank Jon for helping me achieve that. He really helped to let go of shitty behavioral and emotional patterns while tweaking my outer game to a more effective degree. 
I now have a more healthy and natural mindset during the day, even after a hard days work and slaving away in front of the computer. Training gave me the nuts and bolts to becoming more present and aware of what's happening inside of me and being able to accept and overturn shitty thoughts and emotions as well. cheers mate it was a pleasure! 

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Awesome. Yeah I'm sure that

Awesome. Yeah I'm sure that relationship of yours also served to cover up your emotional pain, good thing you got out of it and faced up to it!


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Awesome review man. The

Awesome review man. The sneaky number close has my curiosity lol. And I also thought that hitting on girls at the gym was tacky and weird. That's badass dude.

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Awesome! It took you so long

Awesome! It took you so long to post this I'd already forgotten about it, lol. Yes I'd have to give you MVP award for "most dramatically improved". I remember after our first session thinking, wow he just got his brain fried hope he can handle it. Then boom three days later you've got some random girl sneaking into your bed and blowing you, ha! Most guys especially in your age category would have a lot more internal resistance to the training, you just took it and ran with it I was very fucking impressed. 


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