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I got a medium fuse girl and having decent convo. How can I get her out this week?

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Joined: 10/20/2015

This was at nighttime.

Me - Hey how was your weekend get into anything crazy? 8:44pm

Me- That funny baby photo 8:54pm

Her - Lol 8:55pm

Her - And my weekend was laid back because I got tooth pulled and was on

meds but this weekend I plan to throw a few shots back :)

How was your weekend I know you had some exciting fun 8:56

Me- Oh yeah haha it was. An old buddy from school hit me up out of the blue. He is a loca rapper and does

shows off an on. We went out on the town then crashed the studio he laid down some tracks I was pretty buzzed 8:59pm

Me- What shots you takin? Fireball for me thats the shit 9:04pm

Her- Maybe shots of patron & Never had fireball before. 9:09pm

Me- Patron gettin' you in the zone. Come on you got to try fireball. It taste like heaven and burns like hell. 10:51pm

How do I get this girl to a short fuse/go out on a date with me this week?