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Joined: 11/13/2014

Ok, so we arrive at the place.

I'm per usual, not in a good mood, because the place i can get into (19, need to be 20 for most) is 90% dancefloor.

Regular approaching seems like a waste of time. I'm realized that uncomfortable.

So i told my wing ''No more approaches today, i'ma make this place my comfortzone, text if you need a wing''

Clearly won the award for the most obnixious, loudest, most annoying dickhead in the whole place.

They played all the good songs (One Direction, Carly Rea Jepsen, other shit) so i knew the lyrics.

Completely disconnected from real life. 

Got approached by 10~ girls (the ones that i noticed).

One was pretty funny, because one of the hotter girls i saw there and her friend were waiting for me to go back to the dancefloor and then just walked in and i just heard inbetween the beat of the song ''There he is'' and they opened me. Obv, their game sucks.

Some girl also has been watching the Alex manifesto, cuz she four times ruled me. 

I had a total of half-a-sip of light beer that day (to get a certain taste out of my mouth) and that was long after i went beast mode and i was the ''loosest'' motherfucker in the whole place.

I actually wasn't allowed back in for the last 15 minutes of the night, because i was ''too drunk'' - leemayo

Compared to my last time i went there (Approach = Open + Blowout) this was way better.

I remember in one freetour vid, Julien said that in Scandinavia, because the guys are such faggots, you need to just self-amuse and let the girls pull you.

Seems like it checks out... hehe