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I pussed out from a HIGHLY probable lay with a 9+ Swede, cuz i'm gay

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First of all I got to say that I love Santa Barbara. It's not too big, has the beach and youngsters tend to congregate in the same areas.

Furthermore it place attracts some of the best Eastern Europe has to offer. I seem to have a thing for European girls, Swedish in particular. I reciprocate well with them in and out of work.

As a matter of fact my girlfriend is from there and most of you have read my LR here: 

Shit got serious from there. So far the relationship has re-awoken my leadership skills, which naturally translated into how i carry myself around at work. I get REALLY complacent, MW probably senses this :P

Nowadays even my managers occasionally ask for opinion for which course of actions to take in order to tackle certain tasks.

ANYWAYS, back to the topic at hand! A few weeks ago we hit up my favorite club in town.

We were at one of the bars  club taking shots with another girl i've hooked up with in the past (my girl doesn't know). She's butt buddies with my girl every time they meet, i'll never understand this dynamic.

Fast forward my girl ran off to the dancefloor with the acquaintance we brought with us. I agreed to meet them on the dancefloor in 5mins, after chatting it up with my roommate. Within a minute my chat got interrupted by a girl who must have bumped hard into me from the side. This is the part where I say this bown-haired chick was HOT. There are certain girls you find strictly cute, sexy, elegant or maybe they just fall somewhere in between. This girl had easy model looks from her firm ass to her sexy curves with the face to match, none of that super skinny bs. A SOLID 9 and above. My memory is a bit hazy from here but I can remember the dynamic set. The way she bumped into me was either her low-key way of opening me or an actual accident. Regardless i capitalized on that. I leaned my back against the bar, teased and made funny accusations. She took the bait and started bantering back, it was beautiful. She must have complimented me at some point because I didn't waste too much time reciprocating by adding some physicality. I gently pulled her cheeks because she had them fine ass dimples. P.batemen, Buddahgames and MW each said the clowning action has its time in an interaction. So i transitioned to being down to earth with her, really getting to know who she was. She later admitted she had a thing for black guys.... Should have seen the big ass Jim Carrey grin that followed on my face. Qualification time! I asked her "what would you do for a black guy" "anything" she replied. I ramped the escalation back up and had her kiss me on the cheek before transitioning to a hot make-out sesh. This is where I pulled the chute folks, I felt guilty in the moment. I started looking around to see if my girl had seen what had happened, then proceeded to make up an excuse to leave. I rushed a #close, implying we should meet outside of the club on another day. She probably smelled the bullshit I was cooking. As a result when I searched through her contact in my phone, she wasn't there. She quit the "save contact" interface at the last minute and I didn't even know it. I went from a HERO to a BITCH.

I can't be dealing with embarrassing shit like that again. So when I dropped my girl off at the airport last week I told her the relationship will stay open until she returns.