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Joined: 05/10/2019

I've been single for most of my life. I'm now 37 and have no plans to change how I'm living. The longest I've ever had a steady girlfriend for is about 2 years, but that was way back in my mid 20s.

At a conservative estimate, I've had sex with probably 300-350 women. I'm not famous, rich or especially good looking, but I do know how to talk to women. I've never been shy, I've always been friendly and women do like me.

I started picking up girls in bars through college.

I probably racked up 20-30 one night stands during the 4 years there. After that I had a bit of a lull, but moving to a major city and earning a decent salery really made things take off. I picked up girls in bars, I used phone party lines (this was the 90s) and even personal ads in underground sex magazines. I had a steady girlfriend for 2 years who was bisexual and as obsessed with sex as I was. We had 3-somes, 4-somes, group sex, orgies, S&M parties and more.

When we split, I had a bit of a lull, then had a massive comeback when internet chat rooms started taking off. From that, and dating websites I was meeting new girls for sex practically every week. Right now, I have active profiles on several dating sites ranging from the vanilla LTR sites to the kinky S&M sites. I post and answer Craigslist ads several times a week. I love variety.