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I'm going to NYC for a night, and I want to throw a hotel party- In need of a high stakes tinder opener

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I this a good idea? I want to try and pull some girls off of tinder but I don't want to be glued to my phone all day while exploring the city. Still gonna cold approach throughout the day but I'd like to at least give tinder a try and match with some girls in/near the hotel. 

I was was thinking something like this:

hey hows your day treatin yah :)

Im kickin it in the city with a few friends for the night. Looking for some cool people to party, dance, karaoke, and find the best damn slize of pizza this place has to offer. Oh yah, we might also rob a few ice cream shops while we are at it. If you think you can roll with the ninja turtles shoot me your Snapchat  and we can hang. 

Ps. If you're a cat fish please disregard this message