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When I arrived for my first night of bootcamp it was strictly business! Game, game, game which was exactly what I signed up for. When I first met him you could just tell that this is a guy who gets laid a lot. He had a presence to him and a style that make a crowds head turn. It makes everyone within sight say, "Who is that guy?" You could tell not only is he a cool ass dude, he has a positive outlook on life, something Im always trying to adapt.

First thing we did was went out for some food. He didnt talk to me like I was a student either he addressed me as a man. He addressed the server about the food and handled situations as the alpha male taking care of the group and setting the example. Then we had a mini seminar about the fundamentals of approaching. When we went out that night within an hour I was inbetween this girls legs making out with her.  I look up and Manbag has his hands down this girls pants and she was loving it. Then I noticed he was gone for about 20 minutes. He comes to me 20 minutes later saying he banged her in his car, hahaha love it. After making my rounds in the venue I start making out with this cute ass asian girl and end up pulling her to the car 5 minutes later! I HAVE NEVER HAD A CAR PULL IN MY LIFE. I was so nervous. I didnt know if this girl was going to slap me or if I was just going to look like a douche. (Spelling?) or if I was just fucking up but I proceeded. If there is ever a time to pull a girl to a car it's in Vegas while on bootcamp with MW. I pulled her to the parking lot and she gave up zero resistance. I couldnt even find the car and still no resistance! I simply kept my mouth shut and guided her. Ive  had  experiences before where I talk too much and I end up fucking up the pull. I just shut up and it all worked out. In the car I was escalating on her and I was still almost nauseous from anxiety. This was new territory and I didnt want to fuck it up. Later on I find out,  Manwhore did some covert operation called "urgent vagina" and pulled her friend to the car minutes earlier and escorted her to bangtown, USA. My girl was sitting in her best friends vaginal juices, HAHAHA!  I wonder if we should have just made it a huge orgy??? Nah, way too many girls in the venue. Orgies are cool and all but the objective was meeting new girls and pulling them as fast as possible. The instructions he gave me were easy to follow and the way he was performing with women made it look so easy. Not only did he instruct me and coach me he lived out his fundamentals. 

The next night it was more success. I was making out with a few different BEAUTIFUL girls. Manwhore was standing watching me and coaching me the whole time. He would intervene and say things like, "your losing this girl over here, go reengage." or "This girl saw you talking to this girl over here, you need to pull her." He would even send me texts saying, "Touching girls is cool. You should try it some time." haha. I had a girl pushing me into the bathroom at one point(trust me my mind was blown as well) and I also had a few bathroom pulls my time on the bootcamp.

 He and I were pimpin it together so I could learn from him and he was coaching me. Got a makeout and a number as the club was closing and ended up banging her 2 days later with his guidance. Did I mention all these girls were 10's? Manwhore does not approve of fatties, lol! At the end of the nights he would debreif me on the night and we would review getting me ready for the next day. He was making sure I was taking notes as to not forget these minor but large details he was teaching me.

 We also did daygame in the casinos and malls. Tons of fun and he was giving me drills to do on girls during the day. The drill had hot beautiful girls dying laughing and getting physical with girls in the mall wasnt so bad either;). Watching him approach and stop a crowd or have all eyes affixiated on him was cool to watch as well. He had a way of addressing people so they knew he was in charge. Was the bootcamp expensive? Yes, but that didnt matter the information and lessons recieved were priceless. This bootcamp took years off my learning curve and learning from Manwhore can be applied anywhere in life.




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Ha! Yes I use that story as a

Ha! Yes I use that story as a big learning lesson in my long-term program. After I took her friend back to my car and railed the fuck out of her, absolutely stunning girl btw.. raven black hair with crazy blue eyes the types you usually only see on the internet, I came back and gave you a couple directions to do with the friend before simply walking out the door with her and going to the car. Everything worked perfectly except YOUR mental model wasn't quite ready for a girl to be that down that quickly! Lol


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