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This is probably the most important lesson yet.

If you’re gonna be fucking mad chicks, you better not care. I’m not talking like pretend to not  care either.

Your ass better realize what it is out there.

News Flash. Not every girl who fucks you is in love with you or even likes you like that. You just serve a purpose at the time. You may be a very, VERY temporary solution to her current problem.

You’re just another dick on the menu. That’s all you are. She will try to tell you all these incredible words of love and affection. Don’t fall for it. Just be present and chuckle because it’s some silly ass shit that doesn’t matter. 

She will try to make you jealous and cause you to hurt. She will do this relentlessly, ruthlessly and will try in all ways to get a rise out of you. All your job is to be is be like “come here and  suck my dick” and that’s it. 

The truth is that once you find stuff worth living for besides being loved by women, you will like not even give a shit if they love you or not. You just want to get laid correct? So get laid fam. 

Heres the kicker though. Even if you don’t want to just get laid, you’re going to have to get laid to get into those imaginary relationships you want. You know, those lies and dreams you tell yourself. Yeah maybe a girl will kind of respect you or maybe even respect you a lot, that’s nice. Whatever. 

Reality is much simpler and fun than all that rubbish. Girls just wanna have fun. Stop being a fucking love addict spaz fuckface pussy ass bitch and realize that women never truly love you. You’re lucky if your mother loves you these days mane, don’t kid yourself. They don’t love you bro. 

You get the girl, you don’t get the girl. Who cares. She stays, she leaves. Who cares. These people are not your possessions. They are human beings. They can do as they wish. And so can you.