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A key difference between successful people and unsuccessful people

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One of the major defining factors between successful and unsuccessful people is their subconscious focus of attention.

If you've ever come across a group of entrepreneurs, you'll notice they always only talk about ideas - the conversations are always filled with inspiration and talking about new ways to do things and opportunities.

Unsuccessful people are usually negative.  They dwell on negativity as if it's normal.  They always talk about why things can't be done.

One thing negative people have in common: they're fuckin broke, struggling and barely surviving.  They have lots of extra time to sit around and talk about others in a negative light.

The difference with successful people is that they're too busy living, loving and creating to have time to sit around talk shit.  Basically, there's no room in their mind for negativity.  Too busy changing the world, becoming financially abundant, having fun.

"Great minds discuss ideas.  Average minds discuss events.  Small minds discuss people."  ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Successful people focus on all the reasons why things can be done.  The major defining mindset characteristic, is the focus of their subconscious mind.  Successful people focus on finding solutions and overcoming challenges.

They realize that failure is a good thing.  As the more you fail, the more you learn.

So they learn not to fear anything... as there really is nothing to fear.  Everything is sent to help you and teach you in some way.

A definition of self-confidence is the ability to trust and rely on yourself, to tolerate uncertainty, and respond and relax in the way that you would like to in any situation.

There may be uncertainty in unfamiliar situations, which creates a little bit of anxiety - this is normal and actually desirable.  Successful people keep the anxiety in check, and tolerate uncertainty by constantly focusing on Finding Solutions and Overcoming Challenges.

Unsuccessful people focus on the negatives - when uncertainty arises, they fall down and break apart in the fear and anxiety.  They play for safety, 'trying' to find ways not to lose.

Successful people play the game of life to win - and you do this by always shifting your mindset on a desirable outcome.

Don't focus on the negatives:  "this always happens to me"  "why can't I do this"  "why am I so horrible at this"

This puts your subconscious focus on all the reasons why things can't be done.  It becomes a negative rehearsal in your mind - then that negativity becomes your reality because you've rehearsed failure a bunch of times in your head, and so you expect it to happen.

Change your subconscious focus by asking yourself the right questions:  "how can this be done?"  "how can I get better at this"  "it's like me to be excellent at this"

The key is to look, but not look for conclusions, just look.  Observation is power, judgement is weakness.  This allows your subconscious mind to work on what you've asked it in the background.

You always want your subconscious mind focusing on a Desirable Outcome.  This is positive mental rehearsal - you expect things to turn out in your favor because this is all that exists in your reality.  Finding Solutions and Overcoming Challenges.

Never focus on what you don't want in life.  Always Focus on What You Desire.

Steve Jobs spoke about a conversation he had with Obama.  He said how he ended up becoming infuriated with him, because all the president did was talk about why things can't be done.

What do you think happens in your world, your reality, when all you do is focus on the negatives and why things can't be done?  You set yourself up for failure and everyone else around you.

When all you do is focus on finding solutions and overcoming challenges, what does this do to your life?  Any negativity, you learn the lessons they are sent to teach you, then you ignore them and only focus on how things are possible.  All things in your mind are there to help you.  Every thought that you allow is only helping you.  Nothing is holding you back.  Can you feel how powerful this is?

So what is your subconscious mind focused on today?