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Pickup Coaching
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Joined: 01/03/2018

A big problem with community guys is we are all heart man. I am too in a way and even if I'm 5% heart it's still too much at times. 

Nobody is saying is to become this 

heartless individual or whatever but here is my thoughts on how to play better:

1. You're not supposed to be really getting sucked into whatever "drama" or "story" or bubble you're creating FOR a girl. 

2. A girl fucks you because of the experience you create FOR her. 

3. YOUR enjoyment is only the actions, the PLAYING. Not the reactions or getting your ego validated or getting approval.

4. FUCK Validation/approval. You're in this to play, to get off on playing. Taking action! Not on anything else. That's her ROLE. 

5. You both have a ROLE to play, your role is to enjoy the playing and her role is to react to what your doing.

6. Put a PREMIUM on yourself! Yes you enjoy playing but if she's starting to fuck up, LEAVE. Unceremoniously, just bounce. Anything you don't like, just bounce!

7. Don't chase, replace. 

8. If you play enough, you will no longer give a fuck. Stop holding on. Let go and move on as quickly as possible. Your time is precious and if some girl doesn't come correct, why stay around? Pussy flows like water on tap, just keep playing!