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LR: She Told Me To Make Her Roommate Uncomfortable

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This was a girl I had a one night stand with a year or two ago. When she started getting really turned on she asked me what I liked in girls and she told me what made her attracted to me. Good feedback, I felt it was honest.

I had gone on a date with her 3 weeks ago. Two Thursdays ago I invited her out, she couldn't make it. I didn't reach out again till yesterday, for St. Patty's parade.

Me: You going to the parade?

Her: (1 min) Hey, what parade?

Me: (1 min) St Patty's

Her: When is it?

Me: 1-3

Her: Oh I didn't know. Are you going?

Me: (34 mins) No, lol

Me: (2 mins) Jk I might, if I don't I'll be in the area later. I'm meeting up w some friends to plan out stuff for work. Let's hang out though

Her: (3 mins) Yeah we can, don't have much planned today just some errands so text me later

Me: (3 hrs 27 mins) Hey does 5 work better for you or would it be better for you later in the evening

Me: (2 mins) Would have given you more time but my computer clock is off. Says 2:47 right now (just had realized it was an hour behind, I also saw this worked in my favor though)

Her: (1 min) Can we do 6?

Me: (1 min) I'm meeting up w them at 6:30 we can always do some other day

Her: Well if not too late we can meet later after you meet up with them

Me: (9 mins)Cool I'll keep you posted

Me: (6:38pm) Hey I can prob be there around 8 let me know if that works.

On my way over I think about last night and how I didn't pull. Decide to make it a point to be physically escalating but also chilled out and enjoying the conversation, letting it go wherever it was gonna go.

She suggests a place near her house to play pool. She asks me if I'm picking her up, she's a little cocnerned. I say "yeah, why you want to just walk there?" She says yeah, I could park near her house, I figured she probably had decided she had wanted to sleep with me that night. But she has that friend sleeping on her couch, I ask her if she's home she says that she's at a movie with her niece and doesn't work the next day so she may not be coming home but isn't sure.

I walk with my arm over her shoulder, I hold her hand to cross the street just to start with physical frame from the beginning.

We get to the pool hall, there's a line so we get drinks. We start talking, I start rubbing her leg. At first subtle then more, no resistance. I can start feeling her pants getting humid. I grab her hand and put it on my boner. She pulls her hand away "we cannot do this!" lolz she's German/Hungarian. For some reason I remember a video by Alex where he says he likes to call girls little piglettes in German and I think it's hilarious. I ask her how to say it. She tells me "Linus Schwein". I move in whisper in her ear, kind of jokingly and tell her she's my little Linus Schwein. I do it again but now as I'm rubbing her pussy hard over her jeans. She didn't like the nickname at all she got a little insecure she tells me she doesn't want that nickname because pigs aren't cute however this part of the conversation was where the intensity of the sexual energy got expontentially stronger. I tease her about it playfully like no gurl they're cute and show her a video of this girl's piglette running around who we were trying to put a hotdog costume on her. She has this nooo I don't want to be called a pig. I think it's really funny, she doesn't like it but she gets really emotionally stimulated by this.. her pupils dilated, the vein on her neck started pumping hard and also I started rubbing her pussy harder and she got wetter faster. I take her hand again this time I don't put her palm on my dick but I let the back of her hand rest on my dick.

She let's it linger there for about 30 seconds then asks me

Her: What is it that you just put my hand on?

Me: (smiling, looking straight into her eyes) What do you think it's on

I try to get her to say it but she won't directly verbalize it's on my dick. I tell her to say it in her head. I got this from California pimp, he has girls verbalize what he/she is doing and it turns them on a lot. I did this later in her room when I was fingering her and when she started describing what was happening it was like a switch flipped in her body and her face instantly looked so much more turned on.

She asks me what I like in a woman. I tell her I like having sex in hot scenarios and that I like submissive women. She doesn't know what the word means, I tell her to Google it. She find it

Her: Oh my god I cannot believe you are serious about this. That is not something I am into like following someone's orders. Are you seriuos about this?

Me: (looking straight into her eyes, not flinching, smirking) Yeah

I ask her some questions and she tells me she likes a guy who can lead and a guy she can feel connected with and that that's why she hadn't wanted to hang out when I would hit her up at 11 or midnight cause she only has one night stands like once every 15 years. I tell her I think it's hot when a woman is submissive and that it requires a special level of trust in the guy and where he's leading her and also a comfort and connection to do that. She tells me what she liked about me was that I was persistent. That I texted and didn't give up that it also made her think there must be something about her I like because most guys wouldn't be that persistent. She says she liked my sense of humor too. She tells me that she and girls really like it when they don't know if the guy really wants them or not and so they can think about them and chase. She tells me she liked that I didn't text her for like two weeks because it made her more into me. She says it's horrible that it's like this but this is just how it is. She also basically says she accepts that I'm not interested in a relationship and am just a guy who's friends with a girl and sleeps with her and that I sleep around(I explained last time I enjoyed being friends with girls and sleeping with them as it was more authentic than bf/gf relationships and that friendships were tighter than bf/gf relationship once sex ended).

I keep touching her pussy over her jeans. She gets really horny, starts telling me we're not having sex. I just look away and around the bar, chillin like she didn't say anything, not engaging her comment. She then tells me okay well we can go back to my place and if my roommate is there I can introduce you because I want her to move out so maybe this will make her uncomfortable and give her the hint to move out soon because she didn't have the heart to tell her directly and hurt her feelings. I stop, look her in the eyes sexually and say "'re telling me my mission is to make her very uncomfortable huh. I think I could do that." she laughs. She then tells me she has drinks at her place and we can have a drink before I head back home. We walk out I tell her she's so short and cute, I pick her up over my shoulder and smack her ass a few times saying alright my Linus Schwein we're gonna make your rommate uncomfortable, she starts laughing saying I'm crazy. I put her down, grab her hand and lead her back to her place.

Her friend is kind of annoying. We grab some wine. I make an excuse for us to go into the kitchen. I start feeling her up some more. I point to a little stereo bluetooth device. She tells me it's not set up, I tell her to get it set up to get the party started but tell her to do it in her room. We move there, bend her over her bureau as she tries to set up the bluetooth stereo. She can't think straight and has trouble remembering her password. I tell her this is high stress training to be my getaway driver and tell her she needs to focus and rub hard on her pussy. I keep touching her undoing her pants, she puts them back on. More physical push/pull. Girl finally remembers her computer password but then can't remember her pandora password, I keep messing with her telling her to focus. I get her naked, god fucking tight body tighter than I remembered. She's like 30 something but she's got the tits of a 19 year old perky as fuck, tight little body abs. We bang, thought she had come so I come, turns out she was right on the verge. I try again but my dick is like yo I'm not gonna work for you if you're wearing a connie son, I need some inspiration and condoms are not it. I tell this to the girl and that it sucks but maybe later in the night we can try again, that my dick's got a mind of its own sometimes. I'm ready to chill but she's like no let's do this, goes down on me I'm like omgawd girl's got some skills then I'm like uhhh okay what's going on woaaah okay, starts tossing my salad, YOLO. I'm thinking alright well girl's probably a freak good to know this. Bang her a couple more times. She was loud I think we succeeded in making her friend uncomfortable.

She later tells me she had really wanted to have sex that night, had prepared for it and felt like she had done a lot of work to sleep with me. She was really nice, made me coffee and gave me a spare toothbrush. She tells me her friend (one I tried to have a threesome with) is coming over next weekend, I look in her eyes, smile and say "interesting". She laughs tells me she can't have a threesome with her friend because they're too close, we'll see. But she tells me she might be down for a threesome with another girl.

I'm seeing keys to success were:

1. I was very sexual when I first met her, set up frames for future interactions

2. I forgot about her for 2 weeks and hit her up

3. Being physical from early on in the interaction

4. Push/Pull, 2 steps forward 1 step back in terms of physical escalation