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Manhoe Live Coaching - He's as Lethal as he is Bald (Manwhore Bootcamp Review)

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SO – this review for Jon’s bootcamp is coming in a little bit late, but better late than never.


I’m not going to give a detailed account of what we did, the girls I talked to, and breaking down interactions. I want to detail my overall experience of this bootcamp and how I felt about the entire journey.


I want to first off say that I’ve taken a number of BCs with other people -  all of them being with a particular company we are all likely familiar with and who “dominates” the industry in terms of fanfare.


First and FOREMOST – the overall CARE and LOVE that jon injects into his programs not only goes beyond what I have experienced with other programs – but ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY goes FAR beyond what any one instructor could offer. He was ALWAYS taking a very active role in the program, and took my results and actions as part of his responsibility. Not once did Jon “abandon” me and completely fuck off to do his own thing. Sure, he would be talking with other girls as well, but he was always close by, always keeping an eye on things, and always monitoring me throughout the night. He would give insanely detailed feedback, and give me pointers on a moment to moment basis. None of this “no talking about game in the club” bullshit throughout the night. How could anyone expect someone to improve if you don’t correct their behavior in the moment as it’s happening, let alone even RECALL the many little things someone does throughout the night – AT the END of the night. My point is, he gave incredibly useful feedback in real time, which helped to correct a lot of issues I was experiencing. On top of this, I felt COMPLETELY comfortable talking to Jon about anything. I never once felt uneasy bringing up an issue, or asking a question about something. Some instructors in the past would respond to a genuine question I had with “DON’T BE A FAGGOT”. How in the FUCK is anyone supposed to grow and learn when this is the response to the majority of the questions I had? ANYWAY. Another great part of this bootcamp was that the amount of time I spent with Jon was incredibly useful. I think a lot of guys have serious misconceptions about how instructors live, how they behave on a moment to moment basis outside the club and pickup thing, etc. I got to see that Jon is just a NORMAL DUDE, who happens to have a seriously keen insight on how social situations play out and how to make them work in your favor. That is all. He’s not fucking superman – however, he does have an incredible ability to attract and bang women. Without a doubt.


A second amazing aspect of this bootcamp is that it is DRILLS BASED. There’s no weird, nebulous pick up theory being spewed at me which I couldn’t make sense of. Jon had a female assistant on program who was there for me to practice my drills on, for anywhere from an hour to a few. Being able to practice on an ACTUAL woman, who is TRAINED to know what it is we are doing to reinforce positive actions and punish negative actions was incredibly useful. By the time the drills portion was over and we hit the bars, I was very much “warmed up” and ready to rock. It made the overall experience that much more useful, not having to waste time in the club talking about what it is that we are doing, and having to burn hours to get myself into a “social” mode. I could hit it up right away, and have Jon nearby monitoring me and giving me feedback. The drills really reinforce the shit out of the actions and behaviors that you must adapt in order to be successful at this. There is SO much power in this, because at the end of the day, listening to pick up theory all fucking day means shit unless it is turned into actions – with Jon, he painted the picture for me, and showed me EXACTLY what needs to take place in order to advance. Never did I feel “lost” or “unsure” what to do – I knew EXACTLY what I had to do, and Jon would continuously explain to me what I could improve on in the few actions that must ALWAYS be taking place.


Something super cool about the bootcamp was the SIMPLICITY of it all. It was never weird and crazy, feeling like nothing made sense. There were a few CORE things I had to constantly keep in mind, and funny enough – when I kept them in mind and executed on them HARD – the women responded well to me. When I forgot even 1 of the few things to keep in mind – the responses went to SHIT. For me this was such a MASSIVE learning lesson. I could literally get away with murder if I kept a few of the principles in my mind and acted on them.


Building on a previous point – Jon would spend a LOT of time with me to answers questions, and explain concepts that were fuzzy in my head – or to iron out a lot of contradictions I had in my own head about game. He REALLY took the time to explain things, and make sure that I had a full understanding of what it was that once confused me. I can say from firsthand experience that this does not happen on any other programs which I am aware of – especially when there are multiple people on program.


Post program – Jon would be available to answer questions and issues I was encountering, and actually would respond with more than one line answers to me. Jon really does care about his students, and will HAMMER you when you are acting like a weak fag, but by the same token, make sure to remind you that you are killing it when you are taking STRONG, POSITIVE action. This also was super useful for me.


Overall, the experience was amazing, and I’ve been having A LOT MORE SEX now than I was pre-program. I was skeptical that perhaps another bootcamp for me wouldn’t have much of an effect – but it made a serious difference in how I operate just DAY TO DAY in general, and especially with the girlies. I went from seeing one girl on and off, to now having 4 girls I could call at almost any given time to arrange to meet up and bone. I banged 2 new girls within a span of 5 days or so – before this would’ve seemed IMPOSSIBLE for me. I thought that this shit was some sort of lie injected into the community to get guys to feel motivated, or to sell something that wasn’t possible – however – LET ME TELL YOU... this is MORE THAN POSSIBLE. It is MORE than possible to go out several nights a week and pull every night. Even though this isn’t the reality for me (YET, MOTHERFUCKERS) – I CAN VERY CLEARLY SEE HOW THIS IS VERY MUCH POSSIBLE. It IS possible to have a rotation of anywhere from 5-10 girls you can call and bang. THIS SHIT IS REAL. This program smashed the shit out of limiting beliefs I had about what is possible in the game. It’s like I now have the ghost of Jon in my day to day life, reminding me of what is possible. Lol.


I cannot recommend this program enough – ESPECIALLY over others I’ve been a part of. This program isn’t some lame approach-a-thon – there is a METHOD to it all, with serious learning points and epiphanies along the way. I’d also like to say that I was (and am to a degree) a STUBBORN BASTARD – and this program seriously helped to pull me away from negative, limiting behaviors and viewpoints.


I will seriously be taking another program with Jon in the future once I have the time and money to – it’s been one of the most fun, rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Jon is the real fucking deal.  Big ups to this guy.

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Shit I am wanting to do a

Shit I am wanting to do a bootcamp with Jon. Seems insanely valuable, especialy for us fuckers that take mother fucking action like no other

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Funny I didn't even have this

Funny I didn't even have this one saved in the list, didn't even remember it existing. 

Thanks man. Anyone wanting to know what live training is SUPPOSED to be like.. check this out.

Envee you came in right in the middle of an awkward phase too, lmao. I usually rent a house in Vegas with a pool you managed to catch me when I had that shitty little apartment. Lol 


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