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My name is Pat, I'm a 24 year old guy from Sydney, Australia. Before Manwhore training, I'd been in the game for around 8 months, and had some results. But nothing too fancy and often quite sporadic. I've always been the type of guy who sees value in a coach. Whether it's with my Powerlifting or skiing, there is so much to be learnt from an experienced and knowledgeable instructor. I know it's going to sound clichéd, but this training is something different. I have just finished my third month of training with Manwhore, and it more than exceeded my expectations. 

Jon is a professional, and he runs his training sessions this way. The whole time, I felt like I was talking to someone I knew, someone I could trust. And while he is teaching multiple students at the same time, it felt like I was the only student he had. 
The drills were and are amazing. And nothing like what I expected. They dramatically improved my voice, enhanced my personality and changed the way I express myself and perceive my environment. I learned how to be more interesting and compelling, and draw people into me. These are things I NEVER would have learned by myself. No amount of experience approaching would have led me close to these discoveries, but all it really was, was unlocking a power I never knew I had. And having an experienced coach there to guide me through, was invaluable.
From reading my field reports, Jon could notice the smallest thing and bring it to my attention, and then we would actively try to fix it through drills and changing my mindset. We discovered I was more lazy than scared, and this was preventing me from being my best - it's still something I need to work on, but I am getting there. 
The pinnacle of my training was when I managed to pull a chick from the club to my parked car in 20 minutes. And proceed to bang her in there, with people occasionally walking past nearby. I now actually find it easier to pull to my car than my house, lol. I find I'm beginning to be the guy who has the cool stories to tell his mates, and not the dude on the receiving end, listening in and wishing it was him having these crazy adventures. 
Throughout the training, I had my ups and downs. Sometimes things worked so well, it was almost unbelievable. All the low points were due to my own issues and insecurities. An important thing to be aware of is that this training will ONLY work if YOU put the effort in. Jon can do amazing things, but can only do so much from the other side of the world. You really have to put the effort in. Do the drills, go out consistently and be honest in your write-ups. There were a few times when I wasn't pushing hard enough, when I fell into a pool of mediocrity. Don't let this happen to you. Make the most of every night, of every approach. Despite all this, Jon was a great motivator and support base, and really helped push me beyond my fears. He mixed the right amount of tough guy and personal cheerleader to really help me through emotional plateaus, and pick myself up after failure.
Most importantly, the training extends beyond pickup and getting women. It's about being a man, the best man that you can be. And I can't think of a better mentor to push me in the right direction than Jon. I'm certain that I'll be back in a few months for another hard push in the right direction from my good pal Manwhore - if anything, the huge jump in my lay count tells me it was well worth it ;)

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Thx man. And thanks for

Thx man. And thanks for kicking ass and slaying vag! Really great review I think you said about the training what would want to say about it. So many guys never mention the effects of the drills. 

You came a really long way. And yeah.. you're the one with the stories now ;) 


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