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Manwhore coaching review...from a RSD Hotseat alum

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Sup guys, long time lurker on here. Just wanted to give a shoutout to MW and show my gratitude for his work and what it has done for me.

This is my comprehensive review of Manwhore’s world class, skype coaching program. The term world class doesn’t simply apply to the quality of the program and MW’s mastery of his craft. Most importantly, it describes MW’s ability to teach, to truly infiltrate the students’ mind and identify the sticking points and bad habits that are hindering success. This guy not only knows why you aren’t getting the results you wanted; he understands exactly how to present the solution (whatever concepts of pickup, social dynamics, and female psychology that the student is lacking) in a manner that you can UNDERSTAND and internalize. I can say with full confidence that I got my full money’s worth just halfway through the 2 months training program.

About me, I’m a college grad trying to pursue professional school. Been in the game on and off for a while, got into it very late in college. Through combinations of RSD vids and taking massive actions, I pretty much self-taught my way in losing my virginity and fixed most of my confidence and inner game issues to get some good results. I came to the program with slightly different expectations from other clients, who presumably wanted to focus mostly on learning the skills and mindsets to seduce girls. What I wanted out of this program was to increase my social charisma and my influences on people during social interactions, at the same time learn the technical outer game aspect of seduction.

Review: Working with MW was truly invigorating, his enthusiasm is highly infectious. MW pumps you up and makes you want to go out and take actions after each session. He is very passionate and truly wants to see the student succeed; at times he cared and felt more strongly about my own problems than I did. The overall program is drills based, where he assigns drills and homework each week aimed to fix issues and problems that the student was having infield, detailed from student’s weekly field reports. The drills are selected to cater towards individual student’s level and experiences; he doesn’t offer the one size fits all curriculum that other instructors implement since each student is different.

The single biggest element that made this program effective for me was the intended thoroughness of communication between MW and the student. Anyone can see from his YouTube vids and lay reports that MW is extremely expressive and often goes into details on his past interactions with girls in order to convey specific points. It is absolutely imperative for the student to do the same for their weekly reports and skype sessions. The more details that I provided, the more materials MW had to work with. There were numerous times that MW correctly “fleshed out” my bullshit and sticking points because I retold the same interactions in more details. The analogy I like to use is that MW is a pimp doctor and the student is a pussy hungry patient, presenting symptoms such as neediness, indecisiveness, and lacking of strong convictions. The patient comes in with these symptoms and is looking for treatments. Well, he needs to tell the pimp doctor exactly the what and the how of his illness in order to get a diagnosis. The pimp doctor, with his decade of expertise, will provide an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatments (drills) aimed to get rid of those problems. Most of us don’t question the drugs that our doctor gives us; therefore, it is as crucial to trust MW’s advice and the drills, they will help you in the end. One of my sticking point was that although I could get attraction, make outs, and isolation with the girl in the club, I always somehow sabatoge the pull at the door. It was a fear of something that prevented me from leading her out of the venue. MW told me it was because since I grew up in a Chinese society where people have collectivistic mindset, I was afraid of drawing attention to myself. I never thought of it like that but nevertheless I believed him. Something about that sudden silence coming right out of a loud club stifles me. I worked on the drills for that week and really hammered them in mind; that same weekend I pulled a girl out of the club and fucked her in the street, something I’ve never done before. These kinds of epiphanies took place throughout the 2 months program. Sometimes it just takes MW’s few words of advice to really shave off years of mental barriers. It is a life changing program and like all of other’s testimonies, I wish I had taken it much earlier. Taking the coaching program and implementing these drills has fundamentally changed the way I speak and changed my vocabularies. I sound and think more assertively, and am able to project myself more authoritatively that my friends and colleagues have noticed the difference. The biggest difference now is that I can express myself freely and I actually enjoy putting myself in large social situations where people can see how awesome I am.

Who should take the training: The coaching program can be tailored to anyone at any level, as long you tell MW what you want. Coming into the program I had a solid inner game so my focus was more on the technical know-how of outer game. Like how MW advertises, anyone specifically looking for long term changes and improvements in social dominance, conversation mastery, and seduction should take this program. As a RSD Hotseat alum I can attest to this. I had some great results immediately after attending Todd’s hotseat but that emotional high definitely wears off on you, especially since I took months off from game to focus on other priorities. With MW’s long term drill based training, you fundamentally rewire your brain, shift your mindset and adopt new behaviors and habits. Right now I’m so used to hear myself in a dominant, expressive tonality that if I act or sound weak, it strikes me as foreign and I want to stay away from that because it actually makes me feel uncomfortable. These changes will stay with you, and if you need a refresher, you can always go back to the drills and strengthen whatever areas you feel you need to work on. Overall this is hands down the best program out there with absolutely ridiculous value for its price. 

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Awesome bro! it was great

Awesome bro! it was great working with you!


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