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Manwhore Skype coaching review. Is it worth it ?

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What attract me to Manwhore ?

I was searching about game and trying to figure it out "game" in the overload of information out there. Manwhore stand out pretty quickly by his post on Rsdnation forum. I was assuming at the time he was an instructor of Rsd... but life decide it otherwise. It's cool, who care ?

I was not your hardcase newbie, I was a self expressive guy. This happen when I go to a kind of young jail school in France because of the mayhem I create back in my hometown. Their I start to really be on my own and develop a sense of self. However when I come up to Manwhore in septembre 2014 my results with women where not  enough for me. I just took a bootcamp with Derek in Vegas and while hanging with him was insane, I get no skills transfer in my brain.

And we come to my main point about LEARNING GAME (which is all about unlearning honestly). The best guy at Cold approach game are not necessarely the best at teaching it. It's even detrimental to be good at game your self love cut you from any teaching basis. Also teaching something that require a formation, a baseline, a foundation. It's not because you fuck hot girls on a daily basis that you become a coach... What the fuck is this type of thinking ?

Another fallacy is getting results during a program, short term results. Who the fuck care about that ? What about learning the skills to monitor yourself alone properly and get laid like a maniac in the LONG TERM. I see "advance" dude getting laid by easy set all the time, it's pretty common actually. Advance guy know how to read situation properly and got some decent skills so they get laid but do not grow. Probably some ego protection too but I rent there.

But Manwhore do give you the tools for the long term glory. And let me tell you I clash (2 times from memory) with Manwhore and every time he handle it properly. He also SEE THROUGH my bullshit which is PRETTY AMAZING believe me. I can make people swallow anything I want, my frame control is pretty nuts. The integrity Manwhore bring to the table, combine with his humor and his professionalism make him own my respect.

He spot quickly what the fuck was wrong with my current level of game. I should fuck shitload more and talk about Legendary shit with him. He know how to put fire on my ass.

Since then what's up with girl ? I got one fuck buddie who was waiting for me during my trip in Miami, I pull 2 girls there. I also got a ukraine model who want to "hang out" in Paris next time she come down. I approach girl on the train and number close them in the middle of a PACKASFUCK train wagon. Take girls from the VIP table in the best clubs in Paris. Now I also realize I should have gone straight up to the strippers club in Paris because they are the type of girl with who I can unleash my Beast even though now I add calibration and know how to be relatable.

The way he explain expression, vocal projection, vocal tonality, emotional projection is pretty unique. If you got a brain you realize that John got a tremendous knowledge of game and can translate it in your brain with accuracy.

Manwhore is the only coach I believe with Ozzie from RSD. The rest is a no go. It does not mean you cannot look around, I suggest you do, so you can come back and compare.

You should put the work in game though and being dedicated, this is not a magic pill YOU GOT TO DO IT AND TAKE INITIATIVE. Anyways that plus the forum ressources MW provide for free, you got to be a fucking pussy to not get laid.

Do not forget Manwhore is human so he make mistake. This is normal. But it's definitely a go to for guys who really want it. I mean look at Chinaboy...

Thanks John.


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Right on man! Hit the nail on

Right on man! Hit the nail on the head

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No I don't. 

No I don't. 


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

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Manwhore wrote: No I

Manwhore wrote:
No I don't. 


Yeah, the training is pretty fucking bad ass!