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Joined: 10/15/2012
After reading Manwhore's lay reports and how he deals with women I knew I had to take these sessions. Taking skype sessions with manwhore was a huge accelerator in my game not only with women but in my lifestyle.One hour a week did not seem like much at first but that was all it took. I had taken the first month of skype sessions and had so many powerful realizations I had to go for a second month. I was addicted to seeing the world through his eyes, lol. In the second month is when my game really went through the roof.

I have been in the "game" for about 2 years and I had never blasted through these barriers like I did during the skype sessions. I have had no qualms about approaching and saying whatever I want (within reason) and having freedom from outcome..100% of the time. I have been consistently closing women lately in bathrooms, parties and other public places;). Without these sessions from him it would have taken me years of going out and tons of rejections to figure out the lessons Ive learned.

He has truly given me a new perception on how I see women, myself and my life. He gave me homework and expected me to live up to them. The result? Success. He helped me realize that women want you to ravish them. He explained things in a manner where it made sense. I would tell him how I had a girl on a day 2 that was super quiet and didnt talk much. He gave me the advise that only a man could handle and she respected me for it....I ended up in her bedroom and her bathroom and the kitchen;).

He had all the answers. I really got out what I put into these skype sessions and one thing is for sure, if I can do it, anyone can do it. He even went above and beyond what he is willing to offer you for $440. He would check on my via email inbetween skype sessions to make sure I was doing ok, or he would fill me in on a success story of his own. He really has inspired me to go further in my game and Im sure I will be taking more skype sessions in the future to reach my pinnacle. With his suggestions, drills and overall counselor style of teaching I was able to overcome obstacles that I did not even notice.

Thanks Manhizzle!

Big Cat