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Joined: 05/20/2013

My text game really took a large hit the last year or so... I think what got me very good in the past, was being so active on these forums, sharing my text convo and getting feedback from MW and you guys, then taking the lessons, and running with them! 

So that's what I'm going to do here!!! 

Last couple night, when I've been going out, I've been working on stepping with much more authority. 

At a club, in Toronto, I see these two girls, sort of dancing!!! One is a tall, russian 8.5 or 9....

Now my memory isn't inherently perfect... But here's what went down as I remember!!!! 

I approach in strongly, and powerfully... Something along the lines of! Yo! Who Are you... I make a quick assumption, 'you're definitely russian."

Nailed it! She tells me her name! As we are talking.. Her friends starts to back off and move away!! 

I tell the hott girl

me: Look how your friend is just backing off.. She must think we look totally awesome together.. She must reall want this to happen

We continue talking for a bit... I get some logistical information.. But at this point her friend is pulling her away!!! I go for the number close... She insists on facebook..

I get her on facebook... And yeah she is really that hott...

She accepted my request today.. May hit her up today or tomorrow!!! 

I get the point of doing facebook, because we talked for a short time period, it's nice to be able to explore someone on social media, to know who you're talking to..

This should also be good for me, as my fb is pretty good social proof wise!!! 

I may open her on facebook with something along the lines of 

me: Look at you! You're miss popular eh.. I hope it hasn't gone to your head ;)