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Now is an appropriate time to write my official Manwhore coaching review because I have had a lot of success in my life lately. This success is most definitely due to all that I have learned from training sessions with Manwhore.


I did a month of Manwhore training in the fall of 2013, when I was 17. I also did another 2 weeks of training this past summer. I am going to start off by talking about how Manwhore’s training helped with the ladies and later I will talk about how it positively impacted other aspects of my life.


Game & Girls


Simply put, Manwhore has coached me from my first blowjob to sex. When I started Manwhore training I was a mess. I was outwardly somewhat confident, and hung out in a popular social circle, but deep down things were not okay. I feared sexual escalation with women. I remember back when I was 15-16 I threw a party, and ended up with two hot girls in my room. I was so nervous that I ended up walking out the door. I made up a ton of excuses to explain my actions, but deep down I knew that I was terrified of the situation because I could not express myself sexually. After this situation, I did not speak to girls for a few months. And when I started to talk to girls again, we would hook up once or twice, I would not escalate past a make out, and things would die off. I was heading down a bad path, and negativity towards women was becoming my permanent mindset. This is why I reached out to Manwhore for help.


I started Manwhore training because I knew that I was having serious girl problems, Manwhore fixed these problems and taught me how to make sexual escalation fun. By investing in Manwhore training, I had someone that was invested in me. My inner and outer game improved tremendously within the first week of training. During the second week of training, I already got a date with a cute blonde girl. Manwhore walked me through a step by step plan for proper sexual escalation. He did not throw PUA theory at me, he made it very clear what steps needed to be taken to get a blowjob from this girl. These escalation tactics were not only fun for me, but fun for the girl too. Long story short, I went over the girls house and isolated her in her room. I tried everything I had learned, and things did not go as planned. Manwhore and I analyzed the situation together and he let me know where I could improve. He did this while acknowledging that I was on the right path and that my hard work would pay off. He was right, two weeks later I set up another date with another hottie. I had her over my house and I was eager to flex my new skills. I got her to give me my first blowjob (it was her first time giving one too), despite all the road blocks she put in place. This girl gave me tons of resistance, claiming that her best friend just gave her first blowjob after 6 months with her boyfriend. This was the first time I used push-pull dynamics and verbal game to shape the interaction. The blow job was not great, but I was pumped that I handled the situation like a boss. From then on, I began to master blow job game. I was getting road dome, bathroom blowjobs at parties, all that fun stuff. I did not even think about trying to bang girls for a few months, because I was scared to push myself to the next level. 

Once I began to try and fuck girls I was having erectile dysfunction, Manwhore yet again coached me through this problem. I first started having ED problems with a girl that I started seeing exclusively. The first time we hooked up she blew me, and the pressure began to build up because I knew things were leading up to sex. The next time we hooked up, I tried to fuck her and failed miserably because my dick would not work. I was so ashamed of myself I started to project a lot of negative emotions on her, blaming her for my problem. We tried to bang one more time, things did not work out, and I told her that I was done talking to her. A few weeks later I started my second stint of Manwhore training. Manwhore kept it real with me, and explained that I was running away from my problems and that I must start talking to this girl again to confront the issue. He claimed that my ED was my fault, and that I needed to handle the situation differently. I stubbornly denied Manwhore’s request and tried to fix my ED problem with other girls, because I was too embarrassed to fix things with the first girl. I was so out of whack that these other girls did not even want to give me blowjobs, and if they did, I could barely keep it up. My Manwhore training ended and Manwhore made it clear what I needed to do to fix things and get back on track. He knew that I could do better. After a few months, I started talking to the first girl that I experienced my dick problems with again. I watched Manwhore and Bateman’s “superhero in the sack” video and read Sex God Method as Manwhore requested. Slowly but surely my ED improved. It took me 6 tries before I could really fuck this girl, and enjoy it. I am still seeing this girl now, and having lots of fun. I feel like I can accomplish so much more now with women, and I am pumped to game in college next year.


You can all gauge my excitement based on this message I sent Manwhore a few weeks ago:


“Hey I just wanted to thank you for always keeping it real with me and treating me like a man. My mind is blown away at the fact that everything you have told me to do has been completely spot on, wether I liked it or not. You told me to talk to my ex-girlfriend and I never wanted to because I just felt like shit about it and thought I could ignore it. Well me talking to her again has been the most important experience that has happened to me. I tried to fuck her like 6 times before I could make anything work...and then it started to actually work. I can fuck her for over 45 min. now without any problems. I think she’s fucking awesome, I think she’s sexy as fuck, and I feel like I got rid of a blockage within me that has been holding me back through all of my problems with women. It feels amazing.”




What makes Manwhore’s training special?


The great part about Manwhore training is that he looks at his students as complete people, he does not only want to help you get girls but he wants to help you improve any problems you are experiencing in your life. This holistic approach is designed to make his students badasses in any situation that is thrown at them. Manwhore’s training has helped me with school work, handling authority figures, and much more.


School Work


When I started Manwhore training I felt like I was constantly fighting an uphill battle to get my school work done, Manwhore taught me techniques that made my work easier, more efficient, and of a better quality. My GPA went from a 3.2 to a 3.5 and I went from the top 35% of my class to the top 20% because of what Manwhore taught me. Not only are my grades higher, but they are infused with much more creativity. I have won a few awards of excellence in certain classes as well.


I recently got into my #1 college choice with my desired major, which was extremely competitive. This was because I learned important communication skills for interviews and writing through Manwhore training. I have also been using these communication skills to deal with authority figures.


Authority Figures


Throughout the past few years I have struggled to communicate to soccer coach, which Manwhore also helped me confront. We all have authority figures in our lives that undermine us by using their perceived power. A huge part of becoming a man is learning to communicate that you are to be treated with respect. Through small details such as eye contact and verbal drills Manwhore taught me how to speak with my soccer coach and authority figures alike, and shape the interaction in my favor. When authority figures realize that you are not manipulated easily they will take a step back and try to build a relationship with you. This past soccer season my coach trusted me with a great deal of responsibility because he knew that I could handle it.


I am sure this same dynamic applies beautifully in a business setting as well...


How has my mindset changed from Manwhore’s training?


  • I try to improve myself everyday
  • I try to always express myself outwardly
  • I am grateful and excited when placed in a new situation, even if it is scary
  • I only surround myself with positive people
  • I try to push others to improve themselves, and I reward them for doing so
  • I slow down and analyze my thoughts and actions to make sure I am doing what is the best for myself
  • I do not let fear control my life

My final words

Manwhore training was my coming of age ritual. It taught me how to be a man, and I don't know where I would be without it. To those of you that are on the fence about doing Manwhore training, please invest in this program, you deserve it.

Thanks Manwhore!


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Sweet!!  Your Coming of Age


Your Coming of Age ritual isn't quite done ;). But no need to worry you'll handle it. 

Thanks for the review, very cool. 


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