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MW Bootcamp review 2015 w/ female assistant & Archangel

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I recently took a 5 day boot camp with Manwhor in Las Vegas.


I have been in the game for more than three years, intermediate level. I have had very good results in terms of lays and pulls but not on a consistent basis. I tend to be pleasant in my interactions with women which sometimes come at a hefty price. I have a very good body language however I do not have a strong tonality; I come across as trying for rapport.

Before the boot camp, I have been Skype coaching with Manwhore for two months; the coaching has been helpful in preparing me for the boot camp.

Structure of the boot camp

Manwhore has options of 2 to 5 days. I took the 5 day bc as it was a good value for the money and more of an immersion experience.

Every day, we met for a couple of hours in the afternoon and did day game approaches typically at a mall.

In the evenings, we did the drill-based training with the female assistant in a room. The training lasted for up to 3 hours daily. The training involved a lot of drills most of which are fun and challenging at the same time, the training got more challenging as we progressed throughout the bc (e.g. day 3 was more challenging than day 2...etc), and the training of each day built on the training in the day before. Training with the female assistant involved physicality, approaching in a chummy way, opening with an authoritative observation, leading and moving the girl. The female assistant provided me with valuable feedback – examples were my handshake, the shoulder touch, squaring. The drills were done in a loud music environment which forced me to project my voice.

After the training, we took a break of an hour or two then we went to a bar or a nightclub for the in-field training. The in-field training typically went till 4am or later every night. The in-field training involved Manwhore and his assistant demoing approaches, myself approaching either solo or with a wing (Manwhore or his assistant). Manwhore kept an eye on all the interactions and provided feedback on the spot after each interaction about what went right and what went wrong. We also did street game and lobby game which were fun.

What I like about the bootcamp

Here is a summary of what I liked about the boot camp:

  • The female assistant was an important value- practicing with her before going out was very helpful. With the practice came the feedback regarding tweaks I should do to my approaches.

  • Manwhore teach different tactics for the physicality and moving or leading the girls in the venue; his style is more natural and seamless; it does not come across as pickup

  • Lots of the drills and the in-field training were focused on having that dominant edge and replacing those pleasant mannerisms.

  • Manwhore provided positive and negative feedback – typically after each interaction. The negative feedback was in a constructive way to help avoid this kind of situation or error for later.

  • Manwhore provided texting support during the interactions. For example, I was interacting with this girl at a bar, he was watching from a distance, he texted me to move her, which I did right away, I ended up moving the girl from the venue and later that evening I pulled her to my hotel room.

  • Manwhore’s way of analysing the interaction (this was after the interaction was over) was different; and I have not seen anyone doing that. It was simple and yet profound, he payed close attention to the social dynamics of the interaction especially when the friends are involved, and the subtle clues from the girl’s behaviour, what to focus on when having the interaction so you can recover if something goes wrong. Now I can feel the interaction better, I am able to see what has happened and what went wrong, actually I can see it as it happens.

  • There is a huge focus on drawing state from within as opposed to relying on the environment for amping up the state.

  • The drills were important and were a great preparation for the in-field training.

  • The drills were improv-based for the most part, which expands on the creativity and the ability to come up with things to talk about when we run out of things to say

  • Manwhore is an active listener – if I am facing a problem I would tell him and he would understand and help addressing the problem

Key Takeaways

  • Going early for the physicality and moving/ leading the girl

  • I am more natural with my physicality

  • I am better at calibrating when in set and I have a better feel if anything goes wrong which helps recover faster.

  • I can get my state up before I get to the club, which saves me a lot of time in the club trying to amp up my state

  • I am more aware of my tonality especially if I switch to trying for rapport, that is when I have to fix it

  • When approaching a girl or I am in set, I have a better sense of how close I should be, when to talk from the side and when to square, how to touch and how strong the touch should be (the touch could be weak, or it could be very pushy and you wanna avoid both).

  • I am better at dealing with cock-blockers and mother hens.

  • It is not about doing massive approaches during the night, it is more about having more of a focused style which helps me stay longer in sets and better enjoy the interactions.

MW Notes: Typically I let students post their own reviews but just randomly found this email/testimony after some years. 


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