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I've been doing coaching with manwhore for two months now and I'm glad I did. Personally I'm looking for quality over quantity so as far as results go I only slept with two chicks in those two months. This pass weekend I passed up on a easy lay with a cute chick who threw herself at me. In the past I would have been eager to have her out of desperation. I reason I passed up the opportunity is I have nothing in common with her, and she isn't very confident. I like confident chicks who can hold their own.
The best part of the coaching is it's very actionable. The actions manwhore will assign you weekly will be based on what is stopping you from taking the next step in achieving your goals. The benefit of talking to someone who walks the talk is priceless. On many occasions I thought the reason I wasn't getting success wasn't the reason at all. I remember I bounced this chick all over the place and I thought that was the problem due to the walking. When manwhore broke down the interaction It was clear my problem was I didn't know how to lead the interaction into sex. The funny thing is at the time I thought being physical was my strong point. Holly fuck I was wrong.
The actions I took to reach this point is worth it. Having a support system while fighting the negative programing of my mind helped a lot. The best part is the things I learned anyone can do. It's not fancy just effective. What I like about this program is it's based on months and progress comes in stages. Well, at least for me it did. Its also based on constant feedback on your interactions and personality.
One thing that took me by surprise about manwhore personality is, he is always willing to help and he is very patient. He's probably one of the most patient guys I have ever met. That's a misconception I think that plagues dating advice, that if you are helpful and patient you're pussy when it's clearly not the case. Manwhore is a great example of being a boss with self-respect and a person willing to help. His character alone is cool to experience if you don't have the opportunity to meet people like him.

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Wut wut! I expect some

Wut wut!

I expect some slambastic times! 


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