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My boy owns a bar but can’t get laid for shit

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Joined: 01/03/2018

It’s a nice little hidden spot, illegal joint and I’m trying to get him more on my side to form an alliance. He’s already had my back in a few important ways but now I want to really help him get laid. it’s ridiculous how he hasn’t fucked a single girl in 4 years of owning this establishment.

Anyway, if I get him laid it will workout for for everyone. I already dragged girls to him and introduced them to him but nothing. Him being the owner should be more than enough but he’s kinda shy lol. 

Tf do I do to get him laid? Do I just tell him to sit in his office with cocaine and weed and tell them that “Hey such and such likes you/wants to smoke with you?” And just bring one he likes to his office?