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Just came back from TJ a few hrs ago and I want to share a few things I noticed.


First off if you are going to TJ dont fucking take your automobile, park in San Ysydro and cross the border walking. This is perfect because of :

1) You dont have to drive your car and get lost in the city ( might get pulled over by crooked cop).

2) It's easy and cheap to take a cab anywhere, mostly it ranges from $1 to $5 anywhere.

3) People that drive in TJ are fucking nuts and you don't want to get in a minor crash.


By far the best places to get some bomb majestic pussy. 

I started my night walking around, getting to know the town, the locals and ofcourse the well trained escorts that will sniff your cock a mile away.  Then proceed to hit the bars where I met a bunch of people, mostly guys and most of them had a weird ass vibe that accompanied them all night. 


HONG KONG - Most of the girls here go from 7 to 9 in my scale, did not see any 10's but it's still a cool place to get a lapdance for $3.

ADELITAS -  I hit this place early in the night and i was really disappointed.  By 11pm when i got back to the venue the quality of the chicks was astounding.  In my scale most of them were 8-9's and the ocassional 10 walking around being all bitchy to everyone just wanting to close the bizniz with your weenie.  I do recommend this spot highly. 

TROPICANA - This place beside being in the same venue it offers a different approach to their businesss game, most of the girls here are 6-8 but they enjoy the night with their "guy" (whoever they are hanging out with "you?")  and to me it seem more of a Girlfriend Experience than anything else,  build the vibe, warm up your genitalia with dance and eventually take you to the hotel and drain your loings of all fluids. 


Step 1:  Most of these creatures are used to sucking your money so be playful about it, drag one in, have her sit on your lap, give her $1 and watch the magic happens. 

DO step 1 


Have fun.


COCOBONGO - This place is huge, 4 floors fill with horny ass TJ local chicks who are not strippers or hookers by  any means.  $20 gets you in with an all night open bar until 6am.

CIRCUS -  1 level of mostly EDM music, It looked empty to me but locals told me its got good rep. 

LAS PULGAS - 2 leves, $10 gets you in but no open bar.  It was fun but mostly local music and a lot of mexican hats.


Like we all know everyone goes to TJ for their own reasons, I'm not going to be your daddy and tell you not to smoke or drink or do any kind of white poweder baggie you found at a restroom in a night club in Hollywood but You have to be SMART about it.

If you are going to TJ bringing your own shit make sure you kill that before you come back to the Holyland ( I will explain this in more detail later).

If you have no drugs just ask the bartenders, most people told me all the bartenders have a connect for anything so if you ask them right on the spot they will get your something.  At your own risk. 


It's very important that you know where to go to when you hit the border, for example from all 9 booths at the border I took the very last one, BIG MISTAKE  that was reserved for BACKGROUND CHECK PEOPLE ONLY so for me to use that booth I'd had to pay $150 prior to leaving the states and that would've given me a background check and I wouldn't not have to wait in line 4hrs like the other regular people do when coming back.

They pulled me over and search my car for 1 HOUR.  

Be smart.

I hope this gives an insight of what TJ was for me this weekend.

Cheers bishes.