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An old colleague just told me I should bring back the magic on text game advice..

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"Honestly, any videos you made about texting would be gold, so I hope you do put them back up.

Still one of the hardest things for a lot of guys in dating and you were like the guy that got it.

I still remember the time you took my phone and texted a girl i couldn't get to respond in manhattan... and she magically responded."

Text game is certainly one of my greatest contributions to the game besides verbal game and physical escalation.

I used to have stacks of friends line up waiting for me to write their texts. They'd write a response, the girl would ignore, I'd write a text, she'd respond immediately. I'd have guys break into my teleconferences just to ask me to write a text to get a girl out on a date. We'd get her out on a date live on the teleconference, lol. I'd write texts that were so good girls would drop everything they were doing and show up, ready to go. And by ready to go I mean snail trail all over your FACE, bitch! :D

So if you have questions about text game post them up here. I'll be making some new videos soon...


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