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I'm in my truck driving down my (country) road on the way to the pub to meet a buddy and suddenly there's a girl on the side of the road peeing lol. She sees me and almost falls over trying to get her shorts back on HAHAHA! I give her a wave and a little wink and she's clearly embarrassed. I see her at the pub, open her, had a decent convo before I had to jet. Shes kindof a cutie. Anyway I grabbed her number but haven't texted her mine yet. I'm sure there's a hilarious text to tease this girl with I just haven't thought of it yet, ideas?

Joined: 01/11/2014
Sent her a pic of my dog

Sent her a pic of my dog taking a leak on the roadside with

Me: saw something on the road that reminded me if you ;)

Joined: 01/11/2014
8 hrs later 9 pm me: its a

8 hrs later 9 pm

me: its a picture of my dog...

me: peeing by the side of the.. Nevermind forget it

me: this is Jack btw :)

her: so is that suppose to be cute?????? And show your great whitt

me: *wit

me: and no not really, I just thought it was funny :)

1 hour later

her: yeah, I'm just kiddin with yeah..... I don't receive multi-media messages.... Old skoo here

me: yeah I knew you were old school from the first time I saw you

her:  go on.... Where do you get this idea from??

me: well you WERE peeing on the side of the road like a fuckin pilgrim ;)

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Her: ha toushay..... Time for

Her: ha toushay..... Time for lights out! Catchya later!! :)

me: nite nite

geezuz that spelling

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Ok so I think this girl

Ok so I think this girl leaves town in a few days and I may not have time to meet with her before she does.. My girl and I are going to the strippers tomorrow nite.. Is there a way to get her along and maybe seed a threesome in doing so? Its obviously pretty long shot but the girl does seem a bit wild and she's just bombing around travelling..

Joined: 01/11/2014
5pm me: there's a girl that


me: there's a girl that looks just like you chasing pigeons and peeing in the mall parking lot

Me: ok now she's running from the police

her: right...... Your so charming ya know :p

me: ok I'm done now, just amusing myself on my day off :) whatsup with you?

her: yup sweet, just a bit of healthy banter. I have just gotten up from a nap, now eating lettuce wraps.... Didn't sleep too well last night, got a cold and yep have felt better..... Just hangin out with me mate and his little girl.... Right at the mall actually.... Just got back from takin a leak

me: haha well it sounds like a good day despite not feeling well

her: hmmm ok day..... Actually kinda shit really. Ha. What u been doing??

me: well I started doing some laundry and cleaning but gave up on it. Not feeling quite a hundred per either.. I might just go for a tub and nap myself

me: supposed to go to strippers later :/

her: well a tub and a nap is a start!

Me: yeah just thinking about it makes me happy. What doing tonight?

Her: ha! I'm sure  mr. Lumpy pants. Tonight?? Me the moment I'm playing dolly and drinking dandy tea while watching an animation. I might pop to the shops to get some grub for my bus ride tomorrow and an sd stick to grab some music from me mates excellent collection and then my girl gets home at 9:30, smoke a dube have some chitchat then pop off to bed.... Something like that....

Me: leaving tomorrow? Also... Lumpy pants?

her: yes 9am. Got some work on the island and meeting in the city Tuesday morning. Lumpy pants, u need explaining

me: ok I wanna see you. Come to strippers tonight

her: you've already seen me with my pants down.......

me: it was an intimate moment that's true

her: haha u got it babe

im thinking about misunderstanding that last text as her agreeing to come out tonight