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Projecting Your Reality onto the Girl + Drama + Disapproval = Blow Jay

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This is a girl off tinder who I was messaging. 

her: Lemme ask this, how long ago did you break up with your last gf

me: a few weeks

her: Hmm that's not good

me: why

her: well are you over her?

me: She's old news

me: when was your last

her: she's 3 weeks old. pretty much a new born

her: we broke up a while back

me: Hahha what ? New born lol

me: Oh that's good! Idk.. Like first couple weeks sucked but now I'm feeling great

me: what are you up to tn

her: #rebound

me: Lol have you been someone's rebound.. is that what this is about

me: awhh you'd never be a rebound to me.. You're my lol ballerina

her: Nope I haven't, my standareds are too high

me: Lol why do u hate me 

her: I don't at all!! I just think your intentions are different than mine

me: You think I'm a player dude and you don't wanna get played ?

Okay this is where it gets fun

her: well yea

her: Especially given the fact that you broke up with your gf just shy of a month ago

Alright here it coems haha

me: That's not at all fair.. Yuo're going to base everything off the fact that I just got out of a relationship?

me: So you don't want to talk anymore

me: Wow way to punish me for being honest

her: no no, you're right everyoen's different. Just figured you would want some down time between relationship

her: I'm not trying to punish you, sorry if it came across that way

her: I'll give you my number though, tinder is diffiuclt to communicate over.. #######