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Pickup Coaching
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Even though I put this in the Sticky, I thought this deserved it's own thread.

As others have said this is a whole new level of training. It is tailor made to the individual trainee and the man, Manwhore is able to figure out which parts of your game need work and how to make them work. 

The training consists of an hour coaching session and then daily drills designed to open you up and unstifle you. The fact that you repeat them every day not only gives you constant reinforcement but means you can see the way they work on your attitude and projected self every day. 

Having someone spot your weaknesses and strengths is such a huge boost to your game as these are blind spots that you may never notice. It saves you a lot of time wasted trying every version of inner and outer game you've ever read. Constant frustrations you've got are quickly dissected and dispensed with. You finish each session feeling invigorated and clear about what to do and how to do it. In fact after a couple of the sessions I found myself actually feeling high, buzzing with energy and excitement.

He does all this while maintaining a fun and witty demeanour, gives positive feedback when it is due and a ton of encouragement. Like any great coach you feel like he's on your side. He is out in the field himself all the time and he is able to use every new experience to expand on or fine tune the training. It also means his reference experience is so vast that I defy you to come across a problem with game, from in field to follow up, he hasn't seen and overcome.

The training doesn't just tighten up your game with women. For me personally, I've seen my general social experiences completely change. I am able to access the fun, passionate and worry free part of myself much more readily. This means I'm generally happier and lighter and am owning shit professionally and socially. I have successfully used things I've learned in the drills in presentations at work and when meeting a new bunch of people.

On top of the weekly sessions the man is constantly available by email to give feedback and advice about specific situations. Unless you move to Vegas and kidnap him I can't think of a better way to get such dedicated, well designed coaching.
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Re: Review after 1 month Manwhore Training
Hey man I really appreciate it. It's been fun working with you

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