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Sorority Girl with Big Butt Comes on to Me (Compare n Contrast)

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So I end class and I am walking back to my car, and from a distance I see a girl with a nice ass...I want to see who it is. I go up to here and realize its this chick I know. I just tell her I saw her and thought she looked good, and just walked off after that.

A couple days later im in the library studying and she comes up to me and starts talking to me. Basically at this point I am full fuck around mode here. What ever she asks me I give her a retarded answer, like "how I am becoming an astronaut to go to the moon, cause I like cheese so much". Then id ask her if she likes cheese and go on tangents from there. 
She asks me what my major is and I give her a hard time about it until I tell her. She tells me she is in it too. I tell her how bad the department is and be prepared to face bs. I go back to teasing her throughout. She then asks for my number because she is probably going to need help with the major. I give it. I had to go to a final anyways and left.

Compare and contrast with this one: