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Stay True To Yourself Even Through Inconsistencies (Old post I wrote for Rsdnation SEVEN years ago, lol)

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Understand women are NOT your measure. Like they're not little angels with gavels and judges' chambers running around. Their opinions matter NOTHING. They're simply little sounding boards, they're not the final say, and they're not an actual measure of your depth. Imagine being in a Mcdonalds and walking out the wrong door. A siren goes off. You used the emergency door. Do you give a fuck? No. You wanted to get outside. They want you to THINK it matters that you used their idea of the wrong door.. but it doesn't matter. In moving with your purpose, you walked out through a door that happened to have an alarm attached. This is of no consequence to you. Other people's expectations don't mean shit. Ignore the siren. Ignore the girl. 
What you need to do is focus on bigger things than girls. Like yourself.  This way when you're "staring a girl in the face", it just doesn't mean shit. Because to be honest dude... it doesn't. They're just girls. Even in the face of the most glamorous woman, you are still who YOU are. You are your drives and purpose. 
As they say, if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space.  If you're not slightly out of your comfort zone, you're not growing.  In which case you're dying.  
So.. you start forcing yourself to grow.  Now imagine you're standing on one foot keeping your balance.  In maintaining your balance, it makes no sense to focus your attention on something that's moving. Like a girl trying to keep her balance. You need to focus on something that's not moving. That doesn't change and holds steady. Hold up your index finger in front of your face; focus on that. That finger represents your direction, your purpose.
What are you focusing on in life. I'm working on financial abundance. It has been a long journey.. one I'm still working on. I WILL get there and I'm close now indeed. The skills I've managed to develop along the way are pretty damn formidable, and would have made my head spin even a year ago. I've had to pace myself, not let myself get burned out, or focus too much on the big picture as at times it would have been too daunting. I did NOT focus on what I couldn't do. That's pure fag. I was AWARE of it, but only focused on my little piece of the pie. I had to keep my focus on little tasks I could actually accomplish, find little things I could actually do, not bite off too much and cause myself to fail through sheer lack of knowledge and experience. And KEEP expanding my skillset, i.e. COMFORT ZONE. 
Hope that helps.


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