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Testing Famotidine (a stomach acid reducing drug) as a complimentary treatment for COVID-19.. Really???

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What are you thinking? What's the logic behind this?

This would appear more a test of the virus' ability to infect other bodily systems once the body's defenses were lowered.

If you reduce stomach acid you give the virus a chance to pass to other bodily systems if the virus happens to be ingested. Which, considering how much control China has managed to gain over our pork supply recently, might be a reasonable assumption. It would be just like China to somehow be funding research, WITHIN the United States, to increase the virility of their own virus.

Why do New York Hospitals seem obsessed with killing their own patients? Like with those ventilators... from China:

And I'm also starting to wonder if the medical community is even aware of the main functionalities of nitrogen in medicine and biology.


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