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Joined: 10/09/2015

Me: Whadup I wanna meet you
-- no response
Me: (1 day later) Omg don't just ignore me, say something loser
Her: (2 days later at 23:23PM) Sorry, I'm usually not this stuck up (money emoji) busy weekend
Her: What's happy and mad at the same time? (Norwegian pun)
Me: (next morning) Lol, I know that one <answer>
Me: What happens if Pinocchio says "my nose is growing"? (wanted to go for a playful vibe, maybe I should've gone for the stuck up thing)
Her: (12 hours later - 00:04 AM) Lol, googling is cheating. I win (trophy emoji)
Me: (Next morning) Hahaha, you only say that because you couldn't answer the Pniocchio riddle
Me: What do you do when you don't ask demanding questions to strangers on the internet
Her (4 hours later): Haha, you got me there. I'm studying travel management and working in a clothing store. What do you do when you don't nag on about Disney characters?
Me: (1 hour later) Watch Disney movies, obviously
Me: And rob banks
Me: Are you a good getaway driver

Okay, so I'm thinking maybe it wasn't a good idea to go playful here? Maybe I should've gone for a more sincere approach and actually said what I did for a living. 

Her: (6 hours later - 23:11 PM) You bet! Spin the globe and point somewhere
Me: (Next morning) Russia
Me: You can be my babushka and cook goulash
Her (4 hours later): Spin again
Me (1 hour later): Omg what do you have against Russia
Me: With the money from our bank robbery we can buy the nicest hut on the entire tundra
Her (4 hours later): Okay, fine, but only if we get plenty of gold. I'm counting on there being plenty of vodka as well?
Me (20 mins later): lol, of course. We'll live as kings on the tundra with golden dust in our vodka
Me: I bet you look hella sexy in one of those babuskha-outfits as well

-- no response --

So, she's consequently taking 2 - 4 hours to reply to all my messages, and I'm unable to get any sort of momentum going. Also, she stopped responding after those last texts (after which I was gonna go for the meetup). Also, I'm constantly sending two texts while she's just sending one each time (albeit longer ones), maybe this is a bad idea?

Me (next day): omg can't believe you stopped the conversation there
Me: Oh well, guess I'll drink the golden vodka by myself
Her (4 hours later): Hahah, soooooorry!! I'll gladly put on a babuskha-outfit if you've got some golden vodka
Me (20 mins later): That's more like it
Me: I'll bust out the golden vodka on Sunday if you've got the outfit ready (thumbsup emoji)

-- no response --

I'm basically thinking "fuck it" at this point, but I'd love to get some feedback and fresh eyes on this conversation so I can take something away from it. 

Thanks for reading!

PS: I have no idea how to make the color coding work.