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As the title says- this is by no means a real, deep, testimonial or coaching review. One of which I definitely owe.

But it is a sudden surge of thankfulness that I felt needed to be expressed. (And a humble brag that I felt I could get away with, ha)

I was sitting reading this morning about a man who lost his son. He tells a story about the relationship between them- and he narrates, expressing the weight his own decisions made in the moulding of his son's character. He believes that if he'd made different decisions, his son may have been an entirely different person, and would still be alive now... But 'everything' he loved about his son would likely be lost. My mind wandered, and I started thinking about certain pivots of my own that formed similar effects. And thanking them for it.


you have been Instrumental in many of the baseline changes I've noticed in myself.

(Of course, these changes have been over a period of more or less 3 years, I was a real slow starter. I'm working on it.)

I'm nearing the end of almost 6 months in South America. I'm in Medellin, Colombia now. Having the balls to do that is partly due to you. I'm looking at finding my own place, building myself an office workspace and getting my head in the game on my return. I'm immensely thankful.

(See attachment for humble brag. Bruh, I did not receive anything of the sort before Manwhore. By no means am I at a level I'm fully content with- but fuck am I completely different from where I started)

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Good job, keep it up

Good job, keep it up