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tinder convo...dealing with serious flakiness, I may have worked it out

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I have made plans with this girl twice, and both times she just dissapears and doesn't get back to me.  It became clear that I had to shift my style and add some drama to grab her attention. There is some evidence she may be going through some shit in her life because she did at one point say her life is a mess so I am just trying to manage whatever her head set is. Oh yeah she may have a kid too lol not sure about that! Anyways, this is my fourth time reenaging her.

Me:  send meme that says "do you realize that we live in a world where people lick each other's buttholes yet some of you still complain about double dipping chips"

Her: oh my

Her: those are both bad bad things

Me: yeah your right

Me: I would get pretty mad if you double dipped chips around me

Her: Now im going to make sure I do

Me: yeah but we never hang

Her: its sad

Me: we've been close

Me:if im too weird for you its okay you can tell me

Her: if you were too weird I would have blocked your number

Me: oh it seems like you never wanna hang

Her: no im just always doing stupid stuff

Me: Same here lol

Me: we should find a time that actually works for us its worth a shot

Her: yeah I agree

Her: I feel like we're both equally weird

Her: might mesh well

Her: or we might hate each other

Her: all part of the fun right

Me: sounds interesing to me :)

Me: so next week is so busy with finals, however, we should grab a quick coffee/tea

Her: or the week after if thats better I mean even  when you're home your close

Me: As long as its quick like starbucks I can take a quick break from school

Me: what about thursday?

Me: night

her: I work 3-10

Me: hmmm how about friday night thats the only other day that works for me

Her: that should worlk

Me: kewl, we will smooth out the details mid week

Not very gamey at all, but when I framed some fun dates she just didn't bite. I went on a little bit more of a serious route here and called her out for never hanging out.