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Tinder- Pretzels Girl- investment with some last minute resistance about the meetup (maybe?)

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Me: Girl..! I'm watching football with grandma and you interrupted

Me: lol im not THAT mad. Sup pumpkin     <---3 hours later, reegagement without ruining anything

Her: Heyy, you a steelers fan?

Me: Last night, yes

Me: don't hold it against me

Her: I don't watch a lot of football but when I do theyre my fav so

Me: lol i'm the same way

Me: I like watching football because of the beer and wings :P

Her: (cyring laughing emojis) accurate AF

Me: Hows your day treatin yah

Me: Im skiing rn sitting at the bar lol

Her: where do you ski? and nothing much just hanging around

Me: (mountain name)

Me: (state)'s party mountain

Her: My friends are there!!

Me: now way

Me: its raining :/

Me: whats your # I dont have wifi

Her: #

Her: wait

Her: #

Me: Hi (name) this is your best friend from tinder. sup gorgeous

Her: Heyy nothing much at the mall

Me: Eat some of those mini pretzels for me lol

Me: im stuck in traffic so over this shit

Her: eww that sucks, whered you you

Me: Still in (state) hun

Me: I need a spaceship to bypass this traffic

Her: (crying laughing emojis)

Me: Hows the mall

Me: steal any shoes :)

Her: wait for those pretzels do you like the cinnamon ones

Her: because those are my fav   <----good investestment

Me: yeah dude cinnamon with icing

Me: Like we need to rob the pretzel place

Me: so good

Her: YES

Me: where are you from

Me: we need to figure out which mall first :p    <----Thinking maybe I should have seeded the meet up more THEN moved to the mundane information like this?

Her: How far away are you from (mall)

Me: 25 min

Her: oh okay gotcha

Me: Im assuming you live close

Me: cuz your a mall rat lol

Her: ehh like 10 min

Me: perfect

Me: nice n close to sneak away into the night undetected   <---maybe a bit weird

Me: we are going to need disguises

Me: I think we should pose as police officers

Her: (cyring laughing emojis) lmao okay

Me: Your deputy (name) and im sheriff (name)

Me: mall security unit

Her: Lmao ok   <----BORING

Me: whats your schedule like this week

Me: its only right we strike during the holidays

Her: idk really im going to the city one day so not sure

Me: yah its fine you prob cant handle being in the force anyhow <----at this point I thought she need a push, she was becoming uninterested. Possibly this was the wrong path, but I was not feeling the excitment

Her: (crying laughing emoji) yea def cant handle it

Me: im free tomorrow snowflake

Me: can you leave your cave in the afternoon

Her: whyd you call me snowflake <----Dont be a faggot

Me: its icy out snow bunny 

Me: lols

Her: (cring laughing emojis) ok

Me: you cat fish you <--- wanted to tease but this was kinda weird

Her: im confused what

Me: well this is tinder

Me: how do I know this is real

Me: haha im playin (name)

Her: lmao okay   <---at this point I don't feel like continuing. It is somewhat salvagable, I can add her on snap and she can see how awesome I am and I will reeneage and go from there

They end of this conversation got fucked up! I could not guage her investment with those "lmao ok" responses over and over again. Anybody have advice how to handle this? Otherwise, I liked the beginning of the conversation and I'm impressed that I'm getting these girls to actualy invest in me more. I think my text game would be fire at this point if it was someone I already gamed well in person.