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The USPS is the US "Black Market" Superhighway, "Ballot Harvesting" is Just Another Scam

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Joined: 11/29/2015

I would hope to remind anyone involved in the legal decisions regarding "ballot harvesting" of the compulsory dangers of the USPS mailing system. The USPS represents the U.S. Black Market superhighway. The illicit transactions and workings of the dark web commercial platform "Silk Road" and its successors BMR (Black Market Reloaded), SR2 (Silk Road 2), are all routed through, and rely on, the legal workings of the USPS.

The lack of surveillance on USPS locations and drop boxes allows for the illicit transfer of goods conducted by the dark web. This legal loophole allows the USPS to be exploited by shielding the person dropping off the "goods" from any legal ramifications. There's zero oversight of who or what gets dropped off.

The Democrats are attempting to use a "snuck clause" in their arguments regarding 2020 election fraud. Election integrity is not "innocent until proven guilty", this is not about presenting evidence of "widescale election fraud", this is about defending the election system from certain corruption.

Whether you want to keep USPS standards the same or not, you certainly shouldn't work to CREATE a legal loophole to allow election ballots to become accessible to the already proven trappings of U.S. black market smugglers.

That's legalized fraud of official election ballots. That's negligence. That's weaponization of a U.S. citizen's speech to be used against them.