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Ehhh.... I just left the club Draking, walking and blasting Back to Back on my phone... lel.

Tonight was that night where I would come off of being lazy and get a little serious about my approaches. Ever since being in a relationship i've been a super lazy fuck. Half-ass approaches for days and drinking way to much when going out.

After bouncing a couple of bars, running into a random hookup from the past, my old roommates and I settled into our fave club. I was determined to make something happen. Walked over to a 2set with my cranberry and vodka and caught two Swedish girls snapping a snapchat. I came in photobombing pretty much. Then we started talking about this bandaid I got by my eye. I woke up with a bump right above my right eye, and every dude was staring at me thinking i must have been recovering from a fight. The looks i got had me weak as fuck. Anyways shit goes smooth with the Swedish girls as we talk about a variety of subjects. I don't realize it but i've gone off indirect from the get go. One of my roommates comes in to wing and I ended up chatting the girl who seemed the most interested in me. She was qualifying me like "yeah you seem so real, the last guy that approached us was talking about all these plans blah blah blah" I reciprocated by telling her that she was fun to talk to, and we have to meet up some time for her to teach me some Swedish meatball recipes (i was genuinely down for it), etc. Fast forward her friend goes to the bathroom, and my roommate disappears. She said something along of a dare (I don't remember what exactly), to which i decided to flip my own way and make it sexual. I said "I bet i kiss better than you" which was completely of her realm. It was just like me going "BOOM! Surprised, I got a penis!" which she didn't expect and called me out on. I didn't care and shrugged it off. The whole dynamic changed after that lol. She became distant and pulled her friend off to the dancefloor.  I ignored it, initially. I eventually ended up on the dancefloor with my old rommmates. She happened to be there with her friend, so i slowly danced into their little bubble and leaned up against her. Shawty got a good grip of my hips, had me facing out and sent me on my way elsewhere lol. I was like yeah... she's done with me. Thought about calling her some time later but I have doubts. I got bodied bad tonight lol


I feel like I should have saved the escalation for the 1 on 1

P.S and it amazes me the amount of dudes that want to be around you strictly for their perceived status of you around females. A lot of fake ass dudes out there lol