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Just a little reminder to everyone about KEEPING IT SIMPLE. Never make things harder or more complicated than they need to be. I had this problem when I first discovered this forum. I would over analyze my texts and be trying way too hard to make my texts charismatic and what not, and the girl would most likely be able to pick up on that. Another tip is to NEVER USE QUESTION MARKS. In a way it inherently sounds needy, and it comes off more aloof when you dont use them (subtely giving off the vibe that youre busy with life and texting 10 other girls).

Here is a convo from a girl I met on tinder, Had some short convo before this, but notice how Im putting the smallest amount of effort into the texts yet they come across purposeful.

Me: What are you doing tonight 

Girl: I'm gonna be studying for finals 

Me - 2 mins later: Ah yea mine arent til next week. Take a study break and get food w me 

Girl - 2 mins later: Where did u wanna go. I'm still at clinical in my scrubs 

Me - 4 mins later: Vortex on (atl ho) st. Does 7:30 work 

Girl - 29 mins later: I'm not going all the way to midtown. I have a lot of work to do 

Me - 2 mins later: Where do you live 

Girl - 7 mins later: (atl hoe) 

Me - 50 mins later: Cool, that's actually closer for me. Haven bar, 7:30 

Girl - 4 mins later: I've never been I have no clue where that's at 

Me - 10 mins later: Me either but it came recommended by a friend. I will de friend him on facebook if its whack 

Girl - 13 mins later: It's expensive 

Me - 13 mins later: Oh shit, yea it looks way formal. Okay lets just meet at (modern irish pub/bar). Ive been there before, its legit. 7:30. 

Girl: I know. I love that place. Ok cool

Of course not every girl will react this way, and THATS when you would want to throw in some humor and build the vibe more. But keep the main purpose in mind which is to see her again. Start simple, then throw in that wittiness if necessary. Of course theres ppl like Manwhore and some other guys on this forum who are advanced and need not follow such elementary guidelines .But this is a good starting point for those with less experience.

(Another example, girl is receptive. Logistics suck, she lives about 2 hrs away. And did i read something about a boyfriend haha )

Me: What are you doing tonight 

Girl: going to my bfs house, getting my hair done then probably working out why 

Me - 3 mins later: Party. What part of atl are you from 

Girl - 2 mins later: from or live 

Me - 2 mins later: Live 

Girl: (atl hoe) 

Me - 8 mins later: Oh nvm. Youre far away, Im in (atl hoe). 

Girl: haha yeah I am

She lives far away but I still want her to navigate towards my dong like the three wise men to the North Star. Anybody have experience/advice for this situation