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Hey fellas,

This tip is on harem management from a logistical standpoint.

It can get to the point where you start LOSING women because there's so many of them. I know I've gone back in my phone's text history and seen convos with women that were going super well and I don't even REMEMBER THEM. When you're texting as many women as I am, or grabbing new #'s daily, it becomes pretty much impossible to keep track of all them.

So what I started doing was writing notes about the girls in parenthesis next to their name when I took their number. I got good at doing this quickly. But then I realized the concept of "tagging" would REALLY help. So for example, since I travel a lot, I'll put the name of their city in there, like 'vegas' or LA. This way when I'm back in their area, OR, the subtext for that particular keyword comes up, I can simply type it in the "To:" field and every girl with that particular keyword comes up in the list. SUPER helpful. Also sometimes you can't remember a girl's name but you can remember she works at Hooters so you put that in there.

Or maybe you feel like having a blond come over so you see whatchu got on the menu under that category ;)

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