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Met these two girls while getting a redbull last night.  The one girl dropped her can of beer on the floor inside the convenience store and I yelled out "Dented cans half off!" "Make sure to tell them at the register."  They laughed, and I talked some more in the checkout line.  We walked out of the store and talked for about 15mins before I had to get back to work.  I ran into them again an hour later and pulled them both into me at the same time. 

The reason why I'm writing about these two girls was that this was the first time in my life that I picked up on the vibe that they were possibly down for a threesome.  When I was talking to them they were both paying attention to only me, and they were both into me.  They weren't doing the usual bullshit of looking at each other half the time and me the other half, and neither was even remotely cockblocking.


Later on in the night a group of girls walking by stopped to tell me that I'm "beautiful."  I was involved in a serious conversation with a prospective business partner so I quickly mouthed "Thank you" and gave them a thumbs up. 

About two hours later they came walking past again, but this time they walked up to me to tell me again how "beautiful" I am.  These girls were two LA alternachicks--partially shaved heads and conspicuous piercings and tats.  In the past I would have judged them and blown them off.  But last night I vibed with them and just tried to experience them.  Once again, I got the feeling that they would be down for a 3some, and they were asking me to take them to a dive bar.  The one girl was just too skinny, otherwise I would have made it work.


There was this loose group of about 10 guys and girls standing nearby holding various frozen daquiris in long, colorful plastic cups.  A few feet from that "group" was a group of 4--two guys and two girls.  The guys were tall with snapbacks and jerseys and jeans.  The girls were in heels and tight dresses. 

After a minute I realized that the girls were with the larger group but had separated themselves so that they could talk to the two guys.  The two guys were standing 3 feet from the girls and bending down to talk to them.  5 mins later they are still in the same spot and not making any progress.  I walked right up to them and made friends with the four immediately.  I basically tried to direct things to get the guys to lead and stand closer to the girls.  I suggested they head inside and so some shots and the girls were like "yay! shots!" but the guys still stood there.  I was doing whatever I could think of to get the guys to do something, anything other than stand there because sure as shit the girls weren't gonna take charge. 

I initially noticed them because the one girl was in yellow and she looked super hot.  The other one was in black and looked ok from far.  Once I walked over there I saw that yellow wasn't so good close up but the girl in black was HOT.  Her friend told me that girl in black recently became a MD, and I was like "Fuck this, game on." 

I started physically escalating on her and babystepping her away from the group.  Right as I think I've achieved escape velocity this dude from the bigger group half-assed hip-checked me, and in my head I thought "No way."  So I asked her if she had a bf and she said "No."  So he did it a second time, and I said "He wants to bang you and he's jealous, right" and she laughed and said "Yes, since college."  I didn't engage him at all, but then he comes over a third time and bumps into her and said, "Why are you touching her bro?"  I didn't move my hands and looked at her and said, "Do you want me to stop?" and she said, "No."

I picked her up and spun her around, ready to carry her off, but by then the jealous bro had come back with reinforcements.  Apparently they were on the way to Lake Havasu and only stopped in Vegas for a few hours, and they were going back to their car when I bumped into them. 

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Sweet. How many of these

Sweet. How many of these girls did you number close? 

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I didn't bother.  That's not

I didn't bother.  That's not really an issue for me, and all of them left before I got out of bed today.  Even though I enjoyed spending time with the LA alternachicks, I wasn't feeling them sexually

I've gotten lazy about numbers, so unless I feel we have good chance meeting up that night or the next day, or she's local, or she's from SoCal or AZ, then I don't ask for it. 

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Yeah I'm sure the follow up

Yeah I'm sure the follow up is nearly impossible in Vegas unless the chicks are locals. 

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That's awesome though. I love

That's awesome though. I love nights where everything is clicking and you realize how awesome you are

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You've ALREADY established

You've ALREADY established your dick responds to the environment. So it wasn't that you weren't feeling them sexually, it's that you weren't proactive and trying to make things happen, which should be second nature. But it's not. At least not yet. Not being sexually attracted does not count as an excuse anymore. It's transparent 


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Damn.  "Not being sexually

Damn.  "Not being sexually attracted does not count as an excuse anymore."  Manwhore: You cut right to the bone mang.  I am well versed with this excuse.  Deep inside of me, I would love to fuck the shit of them but this is a terrific excuse to use for yourself since it seems so reasonable.  


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