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Yesterday I went to the beach with this chick from my social circle and her 3 girlfriends who are visiting from Texas. Theyre from a small town and they love smoking weed. We were smoking blunts and bowls those whole time. I focused on just maintaining a good energy and vibe throughout the whole thing. I could tell my chick was digging my vibe from the beginning so I just maintained a very chill vibe, at the beach I got her on my back while we were in the water since she's short, we ended up kinda far from the rest of our friends and I should have fucking made out with her at that point but I was in my head about her friends seeing, and the fact that this is social circle....

Whatever so we go back and on the way back she's sitting on her friends lap and they are both complaining about how uncomfortable it is. I offer a few times for her to sit on me cuz itd be more comfortable but she says its ok. After we get food I finally tell her to sit on me it'll be more comfortable and if not she can move back to her friend. She does. In the car I have my arms over her and am holding her in place, brushing her skin and stuff subtley. 

I tried pulling all of them back to my apt but one of them was adamant about going to their hotel to shower.  My girl was like "that sounds funnn" when I was telling them about how we were gona watch the fireworks from my roof, but the other friend just wasn't down and they wanted to stay together.

I tell my chick to put her # in my phone while shes on my lap. I tell her Im going to text her a picture of the view and she has to text a pic of her view and we'll see who's is better. I also ask her if she ever plays pool and that I wana whoop her at pool tomorrow. She says "we'll see it depends on what (her friends) are doing". Anyway I get out and hug them and we roll out.

I ended up not being able to see fireworks from my roof since we were stuck in traffic while they were going off. Soo I didn't send her a pic.

What would you guys text this chick? I want to get her over here later but she doesnt have a car so I'd have to pick her up

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Some other details :shes

Some other details :

shes staying in Redondo which is like 30 min away, doesn't have a car

shes here w her 2 friends for a week 

she's going to want to hang with them,  so unless I get some stellar text game from you guys it will probly be easier to have all of them come over to drink here than me just picking her up. I mean if I had good text game that might be possible but I don't haha. So yeah any advice would be helpful thanks guys

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No dude. You had this girl in

No dude. You had this girl in the water in her bathing suit out alone with you and you didn't do shit. But you want me to write your texts?


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