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I banged this girl last weekend and trying to do so again...

Me:  10:30pm Did you catch up on your beauty sleep?

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Her:  10:45pm Hello there.  Yes I did.  Thank god for that haha J  So how are you?

Me:  10:46pm Craziness went down…apparently landlord got noise complaints and wants me out by June 1st!  Haha gotta love LA…and yes it’s all your fault J

Her:  10:47pm Oh no that’s crazy…I’m sorryyyyy! L  whaat we weren’t that loud were we? Haha

Me:  11:00pm No lady below is old and crazy…it was from the tv music being loud…it’s a cooler story though if I say it’s because of you though

Her:  11:38pm Haha that’s true…Let’s stick with that one huh J

Me:  (3 days later) 11:34pm I had a dream about you last night

Her:  12:17am Haha you did?  What kinda dream?  (this is exactly the response I was looking for if only I hadn’t fallen asleep by the time she sent it!)

Her:  12:49am I kinda wanna try that again

Her:  1:53am  Hmm ok forget about it then

Me:  (next day) 6:26am It was a bit different than normal dreams…there was some naughtiness involved

Me:  6:30am  We need to get together this weekend to make my dreams come true…plus you owe me a moving out private party…clothing optional


That’s the last text I sent.  What do you guys think of that last text?  Also, I decided not to explain why I didn’t answer her texts last night.  Was that the right move or should I have said something like “sorry beb was sleeping”  and then send my next text about the dream?

Joined: 05/18/2013
also, I feel like the "there

also, I feel like the "there was some naughtiness involved" was a bit weak and pussyish.  I think I should have been more descriptive and sexual with what the dream was about

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You handled her interest

You handled her interest really "cheaply" I guess I'd say. You get her really invested, you were super natural with the vibe and how you built rapport with her, then all of a sudden you switched to shark mode and make it hokey with the "make my dreams come true" (maybe I'm wrong but that came off like a cheap line lol). Just meet up with her, don't try to make it all sexy. She is already invested. 


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