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Wanted to share this with you guys, because sometimes life just hands you a present. And I have had few lays that happened this effortlessly.


Happened to me yesterday. Went like this:

I'm on my way home, riding my board around  some corner into one of the main shoppping streets. She was coming right up to me. A high heel kicking black beauty, in a skimpy beige summer dress, no bra (noticed THAT quickly enough) and that soft, un-selfconscious swing in her walk that makes you understand why there are some man who ascribe fairy like qualities to the fairer sex. she's black, really black, and pretty buff for such a petite women.You can tell from quads and shoulders that she works out, and doesn't kid around. Now, I ain't particularly into black girls, nor into fitness girls for that matter. Regardless, however she drew me in somehow, and her presence  made me stop quite forcefully. Meaning I almost fell on my face in front of her. lol

Anyway teh following little dialogue ensued:

Me: Wooow!!

her: Woooow!

Me: No, I meant 'WOOOW!!!'

her: I know. me too, I meant 'Wooow!!'

I found this pretty hillarious. Like two complete strangers randomly meeting on the street and earnestly telling each other 'WOOW' and then insisting both just as earnestly that they would actually mean it haha WTF?!

Needless to say,  it was on. Girl was totally into me. Pure luck for both of us.

Some more shitchat and jokes, she tells me she's into Muy-Thay and basketball, but needs to meet friends right now. But we could  meet up in half an hour. I say, no, lets make it nine near my place.That's it. 2 minutes conversation max.

Bssically from the moment she texted she'd be ten minutes late, (to confirm I'd really come, or so I figured), I knew that the biggest  challenge would be to not fuck it up. I only really had to unpack the present carefully without ripping the contends apart in the process. haha

We meet up. Take a walk for an hour or so and chat.

Then tell I'm gonna show her my flat. She tells me that, noo, she doesn't know. She wants to take her time getting to know me. And if I just want to fuck her, I should tell now, so she could leave right now.

So I answered honestly that I TOTALLY want to fuck her (vs JUST wanting to fuck her). And JUST kept walking and talking about something else. I didn't make it a topic. And she went like 'Ohhh, Chris' and came along.

Show her my place, put some music. keep talking. and slowly, very slowly escalated. Whenever she gave some token resistance, I just acknowledged it, and kept slowly escalating. Actually I did very little. Mostly I let her escalate and let turn herself on on me. haha I'd show some dominance from time to time, but sparingly. Girl couldn't keep her fingers off me.

Sex with her was pretty good. Actually damn good. She comes super easily and often and pretty hard. Like her whole body is shaking and trembling. She had some skills of her own, too. It was one smoothest first lays I have ever had. And I loved the starting dialogue. Nothing beats good chemistry and knowing when to let the events unfold themselves naturally.

Also ended a pretty unfortunate dry spell. Good times!

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