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I bet that got your attention lol

There's a text interaction I've been fucking up recently with a very hot girl that I like. MW has been helping me as best he can to salvage something that is basically unsalvageable. I basically burned it down using his advice and my (shitty) interpretation of his style. I stood over the smoking rubble and decided to try something else, for science.

I brushed up on Juliens "drama game" a bit and started shooting over some vague 'mixed messages'. Sure enough, by spreading out these mysterious little pokes, invitations, subtle glimpses alluding to a 'real me', and suggestions of depth she starts to bite again.  I haven't gotten her to agree to a date yet but she's texting me back right away, sending late night texts, calling me etc. I get the sense she's intrigued again. Possibly in a deep way. It reminds me of my style when I was younger.

The interaction with this girl is not the point of this post. My point here is I've gained new insight and appreciation of what I really respect about MW. As I see it, the main difference between MW and Juliens game is this:

Julien is good at getting girls to buy in to a promise and a mystery and really fall for him.

MW is really good at asserting himself in such a way that makes girls REALLY want to FUCK him. 

Two pretty different things when you think about it.

The concern I'm having with this girl that led me to this realization is even though I like this girl and I don't feel that I've misrepresented myself in any way, I may be causing her to catch feelings for me. There may be more of a likelyhood of this girl getting hurt. The type of attraction I get from girls when I'm using MW's style of game is different. MW is just a sexual, dominant guy that girls want to fuck (see also; Russel Brand) I don't imagine there is any confusion about what's going on, these girls know exactly what's up. That's the impression I get anyway, and the case with the girls I've been seeing. Julien OTOH, I get the sense he leaves a wake of broken hearts and hurt feelings. 

A strong argument could be made that MWs style of game is a more honourable and honest endeavour. 

I'm not at all trying to be judgemental of Julien. He has coached me and certainly helped countless others. I am massively grateful to the guy, huge love and respect there. You can't achieve that kind of success without some kind of body count. I'm just trying to keep my own intentions organized and in line.

Just some random thoughts, I'm interested to hear other opinions on this.

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Well post up the convo buddy

Well post up the convo buddy or email it to me. But the little "pokes, invitations and glimpses of a real you" aren't unique to any one style.


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It's a bit like making

It's a bit like making money:

You can find the will and the balls to shamelessly go out into the world and make people aware of the skills/creations you have to offer that you believe will enhance their lives.
Or you can focus on figuring out how to manipulate people's insecurities
You can make a lot of money either way, it just comes down to which one you're comfortable with.