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Joined: 09/27/2012

So I'm at a point where I feel like I'm stuck and will be stuck for awhile. Studying computer science I sacrificed alot, my social skills, my health, my finances.

Now the thing is I don't really like CS, I mean it's ok but not to the point of being excited by it. I deal with it not because I want to but because I have to. I still invest most of my time into it and try to pass my exams. I don't really hang out with people from my UNI because we just don't click, I am social and all but don't hang with anyone outside UNI. People who I got along with have already quit college and we're still good friends and hang out from time to time.

I also got my master practitioner in NLP, and I know I should be excited and proud of that because most people my age aren't that introspective and to study that type of stuff... but still I'm like meh whatever.

I don't really feel significant from NLP, because I know that if I wanted to do anything with it, I'd have to dumb it down and again not really excited by that. That's what I find strange... I should feel significant.. I just don't.

Couple of years ago when I decided to upgrade my highschool education, I was the happiest I've ever been because I knew my life was gonna change in every aspect. 

Also I have no idea what I'll do when I finish college... Maybe go live in some other country... but the last thing I want is to get stuck in some meaningles 9-5 loser job. I wanna do something profound and fullfiling and just be free.

I know this is probally clear as mud... but has anyone here ever felt this way and what did you do? I think I should find something else that motivates me.. but got no idea what.

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Dude you did not need to

Dude you did not need to sacrifice your social life for CS. You let that happen. I get that it was hard, but being social just  for the sake of "practicing" it would have made life easier and more enjoyable. As a practitioner you KNOW this!

I want you to come up with an hour long curriculum for a single class on NLP. You'll be coaching me. Make it go deep enough on a single "skill" you think will be applicable to me. Let me know when you're good to go


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