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  • This was from OKC. This was a promising lead to say the least with a smoking hot girl. I texted the last text 2 days later, because I had plans during the weekend. Is this a mistake?? Or were my last few texts gay?

    ME :Awesome head of hair you got there

    her :Thanks.

    me : Looks like it could withstand a good amount of pulling

    me : Plus our kids would have amazing hair genetics

    her : Hahaha! Very bold statement.

    me : These are little things I take notes on. I figure the universe gave you all that great hair for a reason ;-)

    me : Can i practice my Braille reading skills on your tattoos?

    her :In time haha! That is a good one by the way, funny...but good. So besides practicing, what are you good at?

    me : Seriously pretty much everything. Haha. Im not trying to sound cocky. But I make it a goal to improve all aspects of my life. And I dont stop till im satisfied. What is the number one skill you look for in a guy?

    me : About reading your tattoos in Braille. I just noticed you could pass for my sister...lmao. That would be kind of inappropriate

    her : Oh okay, well then nevermind! haha! Good luck on your search :) Take care.

    me : Maybe thats why I thought you were so cute cuz you look like me ;-) lol! Dont you think so? Answer my question

    me : Would you ever pretend youre my lil sister in public, and we make out just to see people's reactions?

    her : There is something slightly warped about that? However, I wouldn't mind the making-out part.

    me : Yeah. Not for us though. 

    me : No rush for our bro and sis makeout prank. Would be something fun to do with someone that resembles you. At least once in your life ya know? We can always practice for our big day alone .

    her : You're right. If we're going to make this prank convincing enough we have to practice alone. Good idea

    me : Making out doesn't count as incest right?? Haha .Where do you go to school at? Im a student too. Hi 5 :-)

    her : I'm going to school at XX at the moment. How about yourself?
    her : I don't think I've asked for your name

    me : ..I go to XX Yours? What the hell is an mnov?

    her : I used to go to XX (my school). I really like it there, but since I don't have my car anymore I go to X since it's closer. 
    M initial of last name. Nov... november. 
    My name is Emily.

    Her : Hey well I'm planning on deleting this so if you're ever up for meeting up sometime here is my cell number XXX...Not looking for anything serious at all. Talk to you latet, if not hope you find what you're looking for on this site :) Bye

    me : K me too. texting you now 

    Me: I wish you still went to XX. We could have pretended we were study buddies and made out in the library. 

    Girl - 11 mins later: Haha! 

    Me - 4 mins later: Just because I have nothing better to do between classes. 

    Girl - 2 mins later: It can be an extracurricular activity.... 

    Girl: Or one of those clubs, but it'll only be us in the club. 

    Me - 13 mins later: I was totally kidding. I would probably ditch class to go make out and pull that luscious head of hair in the library. .lmao 

    Girl - 2 mins later: I know you were. And I wouldn't mind you doing that. 

    Girl - 9 mins later: Would you be interested in a friends with benefits deal? 

    Me - 15 mins later: I would hope so. It honestly doesn't get more exciting than library action. ;-)

    Maybe . Im definitely not opposed to it with you. :-) Got to meet you first though 

    Girl - 28 mins later: Of course :-) 

    Me - 2 days 3 hrs later: Im going to be in the library tomorrow. Move the Wheres Waldo books, my face will be behind them. You know what to do next. Got it?

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so she didnt respond to this?

so she didnt respond to this? she wants to hook up with you. i would be like "joking, lets grab drinks soon. will be fun ;)"



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Fuero wrote: so she didnt

Fuero wrote:
so she didnt respond to this? she wants to hook up with you. i would be like "joking, lets grab drinks soon. will be fun ;)"

thanks tried it. Didn't work. I think gaming them hard the day of or before you plan on meeting up makes things a hell of a lot easier.  

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Yeah totally. I try and keep

Yeah totally. I try and keep it simple
make her laugh
get her a little more invested
then shoot to kill.

Also if you go too sexual too soon often women get scared to meet up so it can backfire. You may have not built enough comfort and rapport



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Dude.. those are some pretty

Dude.. those are some pretty damn good texts. You come up with those on your own? 


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Manwhore wrote: Dude.. those

Manwhore wrote:
Dude.. those are some pretty damn good texts. You come up with those on your own? 

yeah. I noticed when I focus on ONE text at a time instead of focusing on the whole interaction, my text game gets a lot better. Plus she said she was shy, so that makes it easier for me to go full troll mode and mess with them for some reason. I think I messed up by going 2 days without texting her and scared her off.