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Turn Women On Over Text

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Manwhore is a chill motherfucker that will seduce you through skype and might even steal your boxers.

I just wanted to post this up bc I took my first ever Pick up coaching with him for a month and saw drastic results after I was done with the drills and just started taking action.  I've had sex with over 17 girls since his coaching and I can't complain neither my dick.

for all of you not so sure bishes that are thinking about taking some Jedi coaching, Do it now!  

Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do. 

Cheers and thanks for adding me to your secret group Jon :p

Boomer (not verified)
Congrats thats amazing

Congrats thats amazing results.
Post up an intro of yourself and where you were starting from?

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Ha! Damn bruh don't hear from

Ha! Damn bruh don't hear from you then bang! (literally) you come back having slutted with 17 chicks? Alright! 


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