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SUCCESS! Manwhore skype coaching leads to powerful changes (lay report and text convo)

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Hey guys. been Skype training with the main man Manwhore and this weekend had a great experience of how this shit gets into your brain and makes one's interactions with women completely change.

I'd been having problems approaching. I'd also been having problems falling into boring try hard conversation. I was pretty anti social and stuck in my head. This is what we worked on in our sessions. Drills to get me out of expectation into the moment and allow my natural charisma to come out. At first it felt really weird and incongruous but, without going into too much detail, Jon has awesome ways to bypass the logical, inhibited brain and make it fun and natural.

onto the report..

Saturday night I didn't want to go out. I'd ended up drinking a lot at the end of the night before and was feeling rough but i pulled myself together and ventured out.

First couple of girls I spoke to I had zero chemistry with and was still warming up.Hit a club and just forced myself to talk to girls. At 1 point i was talking to 2 girls and just started to get into a flow. conviction stuff mainly but pinging off the environment too. I was making them laugh and the prettier one was giving me doe eyes. I thought i'd reproach if nothing else stuck (they ended up following me around too)

As i was leaving them I spied a super cute girl. if i have a type it's this girl. half italian. great body. pretty face. I am not conscious of deciding to do this but i approached with my eyes. we locked in. Then i started to dance towards her. then turned around. she followed suit. we started dance-flirting and i would wait for her to get closer and closer. teasing her with my attention.

The first words out of either of us was when she said "i have to take your number" we swapped numbers we got close. I lifted her up "bride and groom" style. spun her around. kissed her neck. It all seemed so natural. Then she says "i have something to tell you and you're going to hate me" i said "don't tell me you have a penis" she laughs and says "no. i've got a boyfriend" i was completely dismissive of this.

The friends come over, we're leaving. I walk them all home. Me and her walking behind them, sneaking into doorways to kiss and give her a little fingering. There's no way of getting into their place or getting her to mine. These girls are friends of the boyfriend.. so i leave her to it. Before i'm home she texts me saying i'm naughty. I invite her over. she's keen but long story short doesn't happen.

She texts me in the morning. we banter and i invite her over straight away. she calls me. tells me it would be a terrible thing to do. She's not that girl. etc. I listen and tell her she's allowed to make new friends. she agrees.

2 hours later I meet her near my flat. she asks where we're going and I tell her we'll pop to my flat for some tea. she says "i don't think that's a good idea" I reply "you haven't been to my place!" and she say "ok!" girls..

As soon as i close the door to my place she jumps me. then retreats. It is classic LMR back and forth. but she likes me. She keeps telling me she wants to fuck me. and giving me compliments about how comfortable she feels, how hot I am, all that crap. At one point I remember Manwhore's advice and introduce her to my cock. then put him away. This escalates things but then the guilt comes back. back and forth.

Anyway at some point as we're lying on the bed she says. "things would be different if i was single" I say "yes. you'd be covered in my cum" she slaps me. laughs. then says "when we fuck i want you to dominate me" I take this as my cue. I flip her over, pull her skirt up and her panties down and start fucking her raw. she loves it, starts grinding back onto me, telling me to fuck her hard. I slip out and the freakout resumes. she even punches me, telling me she knows we can't and i shouldn't be turning her on etc. but then we start all over again. I never actually get to cum but in between freak outs we go through some positions.

Sorry this is super long guys but a lot of stuff in this was first time for me and direct result of Jon's teaching.

By the time i walked her to the station only 2 hours had gone by, we'd fucked and this girl was in love. She told me she knew she should feel bad about what she'd done, but she didn't. That she wished she could stay. That i was so cool. so handsome. strong (?!)

But the best compliment she gave, which is so relevant to the training, is that she said my facial expressions were so vivid and revealed so much about what i was saying. and the passion in my voice was so convincing (think I was talking about cheese at this point!) Part of what we'd been working on in training was passionate expression, and allowing your stories to play out on your face. It was pretty mind blowing the way these drills i had been working on were directly translating into a good time for both of us. And in a completely unconscious way. It was only when she pointed it out I realised it was happening!

We had a lot of chemistry and was a good time but damn she made me feel like the greatest guy she's ever met. I think I was a good mixture of rough and sweet and it fried her little brain. She's off on holiday with her boyfriend tomorrow and she's been texting me all day about how handsome I am and how much she wants me. Crazy shit dudes

here's the text convo too. thought you might enjoy it:

HER (in the club) macfuque this is (her name)

ME (in the club) hello. you are beautiful

HER (after i drop her off) hmmm..that was a bit naughty. What are you doing now?

ME brushing my teeth. come over

HER getting into bed, i want to see you but can't now x

ME soon though

HER what you gunna do if i come?

ME read you a bedtime story

HER Hmmm sounds rather nice. i just really want a bacon sandwich but also more just to be kissing your face

ME that sounds easy to arrange. come over

HER i'm in bed..x

ME me too. perfect place for kissing. pretty good for sandwiches too

HER (next morning) mmm food and kisses. are you awake?

ME almost

ME i'm heading out to rob an ice cream van. Need a partner to play look out, you in?

HER only if they got zaps and slushies x

ME it's a deal meet me at the station 3pm

(this is where she calls me with doubts. which i dismiss)

HER where you gun take me?

ME on an adventure

HER i'm leaving now

ME call me when you're near


she did

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First session tnight. Pumped

First session tnight. Pumped

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Awesome man. It's been real

Awesome man. It's been real enjoyable working with you. She's hot!


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awesome! I also gotta work on

awesome! I also gotta work on being more expressive vocally and "facially".


Sup son  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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thanks guys. and yes working

thanks guys. and yes working on your facial technique is well worth the effort